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The author properly lays stress upon the fact that instruments and

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it was normal or about normal in two others a relatively slight increase

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lobar or lobular in type and more rarely witli peribronchial con

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dewlap generally caused death performed a series of experi

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measures taken to prevent this transfer of infectious sputum and

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swollen appearance they grow rapidly on glycerine agar

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line represents 0.11 ounce and one centimeter on the fat line 0.09

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The animal stands with outstretched legs and seems to fight for

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The Diagnostic Importance of the Meningococcus Intracellularis.

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of the throat and sometimes suppuration in various parts of the

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assigned to the National Guard organizations organized and recognized

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then feeble struggling would take place. It was able to move

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only one carrier was detected. During their residence covering

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August 1852 the enlarged uterus had been regarded as a form of

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profound and remarkable paper traced its origin to derangement

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phatic temperament. This supposition is to my mind hypotheti

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ern Association of Tropical Medicine etc. etc. Approved for publication

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state. The possibility of transmission then depends upon the rapid

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ber the writer counted 153 in one fibre chiefly perhaps exclusively by

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this the two estimations were carried out separately from the begin

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interdental spaces showing no trace of this colour. Colic is some

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DURING the period of acute infectious disease prevalence the

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The sheath then becomes the seat of an cedematous swelling

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He is connected with a hospital which probably cares for more fractures

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by falling of an automobile wheel against the leg. There was no

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mations artificial and natural increase the fibrinous condition

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