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by the dropsical jelly like and oedematous effusions. The dark

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A bitter principle probably alkaloidal seems to be character

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will through the different phases of military experience have come

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from the above symptoms is only fit for the slowest kind of work.

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when the animal would groan with pain vomit then a spas

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Shortly afterwards the 79th Division transferred all their

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grounds showed double choked disc. Blood pressure systolic 140 dia

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Under the microscope these scrapings are found to consist of closely

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equipment for their responsible occupations. A man should not be

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museum and histological material reference may be made to the

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uterus and breast in German than in American women seems to us to

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the bones at any time. She also was troubled with numbness in the

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Dr. Hector Mackenzie 34 Upper Brook Street Grosvenor Square

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arteries. In each pulsation as felt by the hand the arteries are

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tion was agricultural and lived on the products of its own gardens and

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than the first decade. This is probably explained in part at least by

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accumulation of such matters in the colon and caecum. The

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hydrothorax pleural exudations tubercles congestion of the

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ward with the redression treatment. After correcting the deformity as

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bination of conditions the essential and proper consequences

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contains in addition to the brief accounts or organic drugs a conspectus of

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that mere remedies although perhaps affording relief at the time

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was obtained from a very severe case with copious peritoneal

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that it is no more convenient than rectangular flexion and gives no

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somewhat smaller than red blood corpuscles. When treated with acetic

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as if he were catching flies cushions straw and other objects

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cases. Such treatment inflicts much pain on the poor patient

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civil life he may not have been accustomed to any physical labor

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perform fully 80 per cent of all war interventions with a pair of

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any amputation stump did a gas phlegmon develop amongst those

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as to the microbic nature of the disease the morphological

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and convalescent should be something more than a matter of

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from malignant disease by years classified by certain facts of residence

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The figures show a part of the detachment at splint drill.

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been devised to administer the gases from separate cylinders the mix

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the previous day. Five days later 0.9 gram neosalvarsan was admin

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The first includes all the physical and other agents of whose

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prevent the accession of disease. Again horses whose coats

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sight of clinical facts. Adarai has called us back to common sense by

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meningococcus Survived while in all three of the controls with Ringer Locke

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thus increasing the distance between their faces. The adoption of

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of disease which we speak of as hsemochromatosis v. Recklinghausen

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single bodies and present an appearance which is highly suggestive of

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few of the subjects of subpericardial over fatness lead active useful and

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dark spots become black on exposure to the air. The blood

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filled with granular epithelium and with blood. In addition

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Fischer Professor of Physiology in the University of Cincinnati with

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are unnecessary and would be tiresome to the reader. It is impor

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the condition known now as subinvolution as previous to his paper

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Soft whistling is due to acute laryngitis when a considerable

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see Principles and Practice of Veterinary Sur jery

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vanced by Von Stein that possibly in the future the mortality of such

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absent and since then I have received a portion of another lung

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cusses in detail the rarer manifestations of that disease.

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bowels which appears to be nearly always present in cases of

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autumn September October and November sixty four cases

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showed cocci and diplococci one per field. After careful toilet of

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proving deleterious. Albumen is occasionally present in the

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talions with the understanding that they should not be returned to full

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ing to the evidence I have presented it has reduced shock chiefly

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the thigh varied by sliding the loop downward toward the foot or

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