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presence of much colouring matter in solution. Later on this

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temperature should be controlled to meet the various conditions. If

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drowsy manner until it meets with some solid object against

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are not always observable in the earlier stages of the disease but


particularly the lungs and that the formations in the nasal

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waste of the tissue being in excess of the formation of new

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hallucis and opposite the metatarsophalangeal joints. Their deep

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season even on dry and well drained soils induces the develop

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buyer and seller. On view ing the carcase both myself and

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a suitable soil and that they therefore die more or less quickly.

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organizations for assignment to divisions when circumstances are

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to two months generally however the eruption manifests itself

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tion in the lov. er animals. I have seen it in calves about

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character of the respirations tlie degree of fulness or the converse

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never be allowed. Whilst the above precautions are considered

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This paralysis is succeeded by atrophy of the affected muscles.

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cathartics by the mouth for the relief of this condition

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great weakness paralysis of the hind quarters. The conjunctiva

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inoculating a fresh drop of aqueous humor. After having

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XXIX. Enzootic and Epizootic Diseases Influenza. 346 378

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This can do no harm and failing other remedies may be given

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fatigue invigorating action of the shower over the tub sponge or

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slight fever which after a few days rest frequently pass off

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tabetic 8 had various cerebral manifestations of syphilis 2 had died prob

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been before and louping ill was very much diminished with

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hfive thought over the matter know full well that a moderate

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hours days or weeks into a chronic hypochondriac neurotic who sinks

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The majority of camps inspected employed some method of land

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one hundred and twenty observations using from seven to seventy five grains.

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this but boiled linseed oil is a cheap oil and being a drying

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not be raised much above the bed the heel remaining within 2

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as they protrude from the surface of the lungs they are pale

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essary paper work. The slips are surrendered to the company offi

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observations should be made during the prevalence of pleuro

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p reat secretion of Lile the gall bladder is very much distended

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From the foregoing it will be understood why the treatment of shell

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many animals destroyed by the administration of repeated doses

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that I have ever seen. The third case of Taylor s was jaundiced

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tion. It is recommended for use on slowly moving water in drainage

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If then these causes for reduction of the ethereal sulphates are

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ities have expressed the opinion that very few men who have suffered

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and saw but few mosquitoes. But soon after having gotten into dock

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melilotus cceruleus one of the native legumes of South Europe and America.

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leaving the feces in contact with urine longer than necessary.

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our young exiles. Personally I am a real enthusiast on the work done

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Rodent Ulcer and Epithelioma Contrasted F. T. Paul of Liverpool

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are covered with hard yellowish pimples which soon ulcerate.

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that these places were absolutely clean and whitewashed or painted that

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and its deposition in another for example the general emacia

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country and the Members of the Veterinary Profession must

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spores of the organism and were capable of infecting sheep

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I visited was very small. Complete control of the patients uniform

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In 1910 11 he established the fact that emetine is a specific

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feels when the hand is introduced as a large cavity with

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dysphagia and tympany when located in the pharyngeal glands

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particularly the left firmly contracted and containing no blood

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part will be noticed to tremble or quiver this lasts but a short

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that the primary and main cause of the failure of the circulation

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The most important changes in this the third edition of this work as

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His important findings on the etiology and prevention of beri beri

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measles scarlet fever and mumps should be recorded on the service

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to swab a regiment and the organization must remain in isolation

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