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officers chosen for their general intelligence and training in sanitary inspec
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not always suflScient to explain death and an added systemic effect
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physician had done at the onset of the convulsion she said He
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the voice returned but crepitation could be obtained in various areas for
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become more aggravated and may continue to the end or tlie
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Paris Tours along the lines in France or in the hospitable drink inviting
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the sternum by spasmodic contractions of the inferior cervical
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True diabetes mellitus is but rarely witnessed in horses
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dealing with the psychiatric aspects of the war have been gathered and
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surplus urine and put that in the urine trough and then went out.
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though never to any great amount and the lodgement of sharp pointed
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are those of local inflammation which is circumscribed and slight
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is of great assistance to the veterinarian in the diagnosis of
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Diseases of the Skin in the Medico Chirurgieal College of Philadelphia
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wilderness and the wisdom of his forethought wide knowledge and
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scarlet fever or typhoid and to be allied with chlorosis. This anaemia
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absorbed and leave nothing but fibrous tissue which may or may
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blood plasma would do but very often shows no disposition to
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with a sterile forceps the strip of paper found and withdrawn by
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mined by convenience of access to the part to be covered. For a
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section should have shelves for basins soap and towels for the men
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corpuscles pus and mucus that a cell is a small mass of matter
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the hammer on the back of the chisel quickly and safely break the
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Pleuro pneumonia has been confounded with another disease
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yields a clot of pure fibrin. It would be absurd to suppose that
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salvarsan 0.9 gram each were given during the entire course of treat
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according to Dr. Williams of the nature of ripples the natural
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porches are used as in some of the Southern camps he may be
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Blondez reports one case where a single puncture cured a purulent pleu
into the tissues of animals. Sanfelice s articles went further and in
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suspensory and round ligaments are thickly infiltrated with gelatinous
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the skin. There was not any infiltration of the subconjunctival or

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