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otherwise normal larynx. In tuberculosis in syphilis in cancer and
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contain a group of fine granules. Their outlines are well defined and
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fact that certain diseases are more prevalent on rich than on
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fected by the droplets expelled in sneezing and coughing and as the
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gestion sometimes in patches of the brain and spinal cord
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right upper eyelid. According to patient s statement all his symptojus
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ing passed the acute stage recovers abnost always under an appro
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cumulation is not of great moment at the interior camps where
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This chapter along with that on Texas Fever termed by the
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the Saharians less than was expected constitutes a speedy and
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and seems as if convalescence were in reality established. These
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with the edge of the membrane towards us one can conceive that
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of blood as expressed in free hydrogen ion concentration or the absolute
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quently noticed in cases of the acute localized types of the affection.
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been reported for man about twenty seven of these occurring in
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other hand with this dissolving principle which is present in normal serum
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action becoming neutral or slightly acid. It sometimes con
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spirits of nitrous ether administered internally and the feet
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charged from service. Accurate histories of many thousand wounded or
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This case is therefore one of reflex paralysis described by Babinski
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Early in this work it was noted that if the plates that showed
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not only from an economical but also from a pathological point
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possible moment. Delay spells disaster. But even so MTong treatment
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with a solid exudate differing however from that of bronchitis
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examined showed some trace of tuberculous infection. After the age
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draughts of spirits of nitrous ether may be given provided
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without vesicles being produced. The ovine vesicle is flat on its
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taken daily until 27th May when four including the one re
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ward appearance of ill health the blood of an animal which has
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little training along the very special lines which make for success in
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Some general practitioners do accident surgery admirably and we
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there back to the casualty clearing station is by motor convoy. Now

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