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especially since examination of other infants during such attacks failed to

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hips and there is a copious discharge of urine of a very dark

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ination for promotion to the grade of captain. Medical Corps.

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performed and recovery was uneventful. Bacteriological examination

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type is very intractable responding stubbornly to treatment and pursu

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only two well reported autopsies on cases of zoster ophthalmicus and five

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brought about through army orders issued to the commanding officer

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the pancreatic duct and negative in one in which there was apparently

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that the artificial anus allowed the flatus to escape from the

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and confluent and the disease protracted not having completely

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species of scientific guesswork to one of the exact professions.

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with the persistent character of the latter. 4 That in regard to chronic

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served that the muscles of respiration exhibit strong and

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cinnabar. The result was that miliary tubercles were found in

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becomes purple and the patches are rapidly converted into pit

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longer tender on pressure and the os was well closed the leucorrhoea

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the medium of our already existing society thereby taking advan

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shown often to be almost wholly composed of fibrous tissue.

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great consequence to his future progress that the method of his study

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marshes on the score of being conducive to malaria is likewise inconsistent

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small doses of spirits of nitrous ether and water may be ad

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treatment is repeated each day during his stay in the ward.

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stages is more and more manifest and finally paralysis parti

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tliem from a bottle they were nearly suffocated from paralysis of

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quarters. Violent convulsions will now occur the whole body

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colon bacillus and yellow staphylococcus. He finds that the same patient

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