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ably clear in typography and illumined by a series of the best skiagrams

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the effects of bleeding upon a healthy animal and found that

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back for seconds. Bread should be cut in half slices i inch

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ovary beside containing typical Plimmer s bodies contains a large

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horizontal positions. These organs may appear dislocated only in the

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surrounding tissues where they continue to live at the expense of

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If the presence of water in excess continues beyond a short

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vinced me that it is a remarkably common disease that it is very

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danger worthy of the best traditions of the British officer who

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reduce the mortality from perforation and perhaps about half the cases

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camp were carriers of infection an epidemic of malaria would soon

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signs were vei 7 slight there being practically no swelling or red

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salicylate in equal doses but it is less energetic. La Semaine Medicale

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for it has been abundantly proved that the milk of a tuberculous

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more powerful act than inspiration and that there is never any

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stray shipments over congested railroads deficiencies in trucks and

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suddenly and from no apparent cause. It increased in size slowly but

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be in perfect condition. Besides there was no loss of weight no chronic

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At present results are not satisfactory and the older expectant methods of

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with the ribs fixed as much as possible owing to pain or

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femur a crushing strain of 3130 pounds the tibia and fibula 227Q

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extremities of the blue form. This was followed by gangrene of the

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