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pain have refused food hung down their heads the surface of

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sema of the lungs is present in almost every case that he has

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seem slow. Cutting loose can be done just as well under local

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It is doubtful if many of us can read carefully the chapters upon

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tied at night. Last year Mr. Nichol stated You may believe

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country where the cooking of food for horses is a common custom

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anatomical basis for the dilatation of the right side of the heart.

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further corroboration of the seemingly anomalous occurrence of

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hospital who might suffer from the crossed infection or at least

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which would keep them from contact with the patients as far as

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up and in which our knowledge is as yet deficient may be

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necessary to change the dressings frequently as in celluhtis of the face

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uncommon instances hinted at above in which the morbid process is

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expression or a symptom contenting myself by pointing out in

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to the genus Lupinus of the Natural Order Lcguminosce.

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derangement brought about by eating wlieat or even oats and

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recovery is not at all an infrequent result and that when death

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in predisposing to the malady. During warm spring weather it

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above this there can be little doubt that disease is at work.

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in the areas and by means of this sanitary personnel and attached

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Fresh microscopical examination of the heart s blood shows it to contain

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cations in the nomenclature. Under this kind of inquisitive

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comparatively dilute solutions. For disinfection within five minutes he

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The pulse of pneumonia is very variable sometimes full with

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when seen with the naked eye from the heart pulmonary vessels

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It is known that pneumococci are often found in the mouths of

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and tearing consequently they are the most successful in in

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worms among white and negro soldiers was as follows

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