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disease was studied by Bourgelat Chabert Berdin Huyard

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bleed there is more or less constipation and loss of appetite.

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labor than do the drip cans and knapsack oil spraying pumps and

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list of eighty seven periodicals from which abstracts of articles have been

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died of the disease of 13 000 animals from one to three years

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as they increase in size become confluent. This is due to the

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blood of cattle when w arm thus separating the fibrin from the

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diarrhoea and it was only on a post mortem examination being

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with the rate for Germans in Germany. A careful personal search at

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furnish between 100 and 200 and three which furnish over 300. Which of

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hand particularly in the anaemic variety of obesity it may be small

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or deprive him of a commission which he now holds therein.

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hence the untoward far reaching effects of cardiac weakness are less

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These are very good and represent the malarial parasites and the im

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in some severe cases the sphincters are relaxed. In other

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took the longest time laid the largest number of eggs. Each

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of which the greatest are exposure to cold fatigue and other con

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are isolated or confluent generally roundish ulcerations at and

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have sloughed off lea ing a slightly roughened surface devoid of

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rials to supply these three classes of substances in favorable pro

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Sanfelice naturally raise the question as to whether these organisms

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organs and tissues did not to the naked eye materially deviate

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be more extensive both in equipment and personnel than that of

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return to active duty is wholly dependent upon the neurological effi

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anesthesia which he employs exclusively and the technique of its use

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to tumefaction of the lining membrane of the bile ducts prevent

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formation of pus. If we discover on examination that the dis

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the few patients who objected going to the counter were soon won over

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of fat and other signs of a prolonged mal nutrition the character

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In hemorrhage after abortion where curettement is not practicable good

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sometimes presents spots of so called inflammation. In no

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crease in the diuresis does cause an increase or reduction in the urinary

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The bill was amended to include first lieutenants. Medical Corps United

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ground the skins thrown across the beams of the roof to dry

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bicarbonate of soda and the drinking of aerated waters should ward

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purposes soon revealed that there was no excess material of this

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inclusive 1.499 grammes. Hence the restriction of fluids reduced the

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sterilize the contents after standing for half an hour. If a dropper

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had been successfully implanted in one of them it seems to

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gastric affections and the same may be said but in a less

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as possible in order that all scratches be brought into view

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THE essential importance of pathological anatomy as a basis

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bands by extravasated blood one or several affected lobules

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complex as this that our attitude should be one of conservatism and

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arrest its spread it can easily be understood that removal prior

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covered with large dark coloured spots of ecchymosis the ali

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The purposes of our inquiry are sufficiently served

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These plans not only make for more economical construction

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circles appeared around the eyes. In a few hours in spite of injections

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the animal body and that all kinds of forage by becoming rusty

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thetical and speculative in medicine are replaced in surgery by

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days old and finally with virulent virus. During tlie days

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hair growth on the graft and rarely pin head sized trophic sloughs

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manual to that of next greater pretension. By text book is usually

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objects in a peculiar staring manner sometimes the dog will

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In my opinion such a prophylactic measure immediately carried

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clothes they wear and what they are worth without them. It seems

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fatty change in the muscle fibres of the myocardium or fatty degener

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chial spots the lungs are engorged as in all cases of death from

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be a matter of gratification to the many friends of General Goodwin in

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ansemic with poorly performed digestion and defective chylopoetic

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be readily ascertained by taking a bath of even a few minutes.

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prefer what is so unnatural may be looked upon as of itself a

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muscle iodide of potassium freely given or the mixed treatment wisely

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Supplementary to auscultation percussion is a valuable aid to

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and mouth for the epithelium more particularly on the tongue

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Within two hours after inhalation of chlorine the nuclei of the

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end by turning into a sac containing the spores of the organism. Owing

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square and the height a little over 5 feet with slightly sloping

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treatment as to form a reliable guide to modern practice and that

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injected at the same time find in the body of the living mouse

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tion to be hard an attempt should be made by manipulation or

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U3. She had missed her menstruation for nearly two months and had

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his presence will save much time and discussion in complying with

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sunken and haggard eyes. The belly is sensitive when pressed

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working in close proximity will escape the infection so long as they

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avoid sneezing. In the remainder it is usually feasible to smother the

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