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perhaps constipated at first become loose as the disease advances
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a large soft pulse other times a small wiry one. These insidious
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graduate of the Army Staff College at Langres and Assistant to
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One cannot imagine a prettier hospital plant than American
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Where X ray facilities are practicable the condition should not
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fitted for reliable laboratory work and judgment than the average
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degree of pollution. The larger water sources must be located at
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calomel and a saline for constipation or sluggish portal circulation oxygen
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activity. The registrar of the evacuation hospital being in constant
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Fatty degeneration is clearly a kind of atro Dhy but is not
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ation for bad cases or when recurrence after operation has occurred.
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quite as the usual result of trying to do big things. Able scientific
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lent modes of aerial disinfection of rooms cars etc. Chlorine and sulphur
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The figures of February 8th are to be sure somewhat abnormally
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during violent fits of coughing. Again in several specimens of
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suffer with mucous colitis but this condition is probably secondary to
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number corresponding to the number on the test tube by marking
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possibility of the louping ill organism having to pass one of its
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trunk by any tumour aneurism or adventitious substance.
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perineal band to fret and worry the patient. The extending force
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During the first days of the struggle for existence many succumb to
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trotted or cantered than in the gallop and is louder in the
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acetate of lime chloride of sodium and free acetic acid 1 5
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school of instruction for medical officers physicist Pasteur Insti
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urinary carbohydrates shown to be present in many cases of diabetes
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monly seen in the horse the exudative products are mostly
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of these have been in constant use with the most beneficial results
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extravasated blood are not forced into the wound in its tissue.
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Busse had previously published a description of the case under the
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The Serbian barrel is constructed of a large watertight barrel
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From this second animal a third may be injected and so on
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six or seven days small doses from one grain to three of
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marked by a fit of rigor or shivering and in one case which
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put to severe and prolonged exertion when neither its muscular
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tion and acts as a bar to healthy digestion though the food
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For example in Dr. Orr s own case the condition was un
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of glandered horses with carbolic acid iodine sublimate and
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The diagnosis was made by laboratory findings the meningococcus
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full term was passed. Measles and pneumonia killed 2 pneumonia 1
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sible to prevent the disease from becoming epidemic.
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as excessive. Wolff describes those conditions most favorable for the per
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contain a clear fluid which has exuded from the blood vessels
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the number of deaths from the same cause was but 231 showing a
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out of condition slaughter and burial are the safest and in the
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tends to keep the oil in midstream. The figure shows the thick layer
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mentioned a case in which ventral fixation had been done when the occiput
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With a rotation service the tired mobile unit would auto
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the feeble minded are important just as more careful observations of
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attack in exactly 250. This phenomenon was doubtless present in a
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of a small quantity of autolysin would constitute a stimulus for the organism

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