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a non conductor of heat but has the disadvantage of breaking

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conditions. He permitted the. dried l lood to assume the form

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fusion of blood increases the volume of circulating fluid so that the

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This was of course caused by the difficulty of supplying an army three

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tion is well shown in India where horses the progeny of roarers

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The tumours are found to be black in their centres and the

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spume. In all cases but two the villous part of the stomach

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disease to attack the dog in the various ways above enumerated.

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fffices covered with mucus but they easily respond to purgatives

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of England and Wales in 1800 and 1819 the summers of which

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various denominations however have been offered as expressing

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essence of their being the support of the taxpayiug citizen.

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me particularly valuable. To this author I feel especially indebted

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K. Gas Defense from Viewpoint of Division Gas Defense OfHcers.

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at this time showed themselves and the animals were rather

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membrane with but little resistance leaving the exposed surface clean

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power will be lost in the muscles of that side below the section.

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exposed on the hedges and the flock of the bed was spread out

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placeSj and it gradually diminished j the appetite slowly returned and

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examined before special attention was called to this sign.

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antiseptic and is useless as a disinfectant for instruments hands or primary

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camphor and should the swelling of the limbs continue the

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Further observations and experiments are necessary to confirm

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necessary attributes to the credit of his side of the convention he

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harsh and the coat unhealthy looking the animal is debilitated

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ment of certain diseases provided that an animal so predisposed

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stroyed by previous change may again be recognised.

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newly acquired territory to extend his work into this. If complete change

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found in the stools strongly indicate exploration especially if there is

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The Mayo Foundation has enabled graduate work in medicine in the

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under observation during the investigation a change from warm

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commissioned officer in charge of a hut is held responsible that this

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blood or other matters taken from diseased animals and placed

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patch embracing the regions mentioned and extending to one

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holding chairs in three medical colleges of Philadelphia may be gathered

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seventh Divisions National Guard stood among the first of all divisions

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In carrying out the method one should be careful to shake the mixture

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variations are seen during the growth of the louping ill organism.

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another that they can feel the impact of the speaker s breath.

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and inside. Eev. from the Administration de I Assistance publique

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or it may be a few residual specimens growing with difficulty.

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whether the fibroid changes or fatty ones are predominant. If the

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probability that this was spodogenic having the object of working over the

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compazine or zofran

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difficulty and dogs get the slows and are unable to follow

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may be liypertrophied. Their pelves contain a substance

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symptoms subside and the animal begins to feed but rapidly

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form such a difficult operation the question may be raised if it

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separate boilers can be arranged in series over a long narrow

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are the effects of the nervous disorder. Some horses are

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Neither of them had been supplied with suits. The most important

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pacitated by scurvy. As an illustration it may be mentioned that the

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It can easily be understood how the virus thus conveyed

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because there is no lymphatic current Sensation comes rather

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The physical signs upon percussion are tenderness and some

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may become vesicular or even pustular the skin is harsh and

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When propagated by cohabitation it appears according to

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javs and on this account it was supposed by the owners the

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Whether under these circumstances as in one unfortunate case I

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sources of the Eed Cross could then be depended upon to supply the

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important part of the Army. In peace time it is exclusively on

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cumstances trivial in themselves and quite iusuflicient as causes

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oedematous. The affected animal may remain in this unsatis

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In the normal condition a soft to and fro blowing noise of

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taken for the isolation of carriers had probably considerable to do

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and streptothrix. This view is now generally adopted and

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and T. Strangeways Pigq Journal of Hygiene January 1901 p. 4 have

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