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which was only stopped by the issue of fresh vegetables and fruits.
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Any slight differences which may exist between what
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anaerobes found in and collected from every case of gas infection
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body. Some of them become crepitous and emphysematous
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that prolonged cohabitation with tuberculous cattle gives tlie
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may convey the germs by washing the utensils or by deliberate adul
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prone to attacks of congestion which are occasionally so great
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the rapid undulations first on one side and then on the other
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The mesenteric and other glands are generally congested
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being loaded with extravasated blood in a disintegrated broken
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but most of them were recovering. Simonds on Variola
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tliorax the respiratory sounds being louder than natural above
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stimulation of the cutaneous nerves and vessels by temperature
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monia may be prevented to a very great extent by merely keeping
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and as they are at the same time moulded accurately to the
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To our doctors our nurses and our fine enlisted men I make the
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examined after an attack with the result that blood corpuscles and hsemo
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two plates are approximated and the decrease of the deformity is accom
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fibrinous material that the exudation whether it be into the
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the camp. This work is in the hands of the sanitary inspector and
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Soreness of the throat is almost a constant symptom and if
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Quite characteristic of our group of cases is the feeling of comfort
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upon healthy horses. See Preparation of Tuberculin.
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variations of 1 4 or more only reactions above 2 4
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lines indicate the upper and anterior limits of the spleen.
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destruction of the corpuscles and the disappearance of the para
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She informed me that while under the care of a colleague she had
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the human being are not heard in the lower animals hence
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bowels are involuntarily excreted whilst muscular twitchings
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care should be taken that the food be not over abundant too
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tabulated histories of 330 outbreaks of infectious diseases spread
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requirements are well known and fully described in existing hand
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This disease seems to have first attracted notice in 1787 the
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ensues a scramble for the serving dishes on sitting down in which
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groups. The grouping that has been chiefly used in this country
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owing to the force of the current being insufficient to completely
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ening with straps and buckles and amp those Cordovan fastened
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This method naturally yields material which has great advantages
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clusions. Sixty eight cultures were made upon 62 cases of pneu
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from over exertion debility of the heart s action embolism or
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have matured on infected cattle and is inoculated by them
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of the traumatic lesion centrally to the spinal cord producing
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had slight reflexes. The urine was highly albuminous the fundus of the
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certain nervous phenomena particularly emotional disturbance and
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cations in the biliary tubes. In some cases the genito urinal
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back to his company and sleeping in his old blankets before they
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conjunctivitis ophthalmia neonatorum a stronger solution may be used at
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hemorrhage encountered showed that removal in that way was impos
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battles with mud and sand which would show how our medical officers
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that is necessary for all to achieve self desired goals in
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disease. As to his third case it approaches in only a few characters
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used largely both in the British and American services as a means
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cidental and of no consequence it is difficult to say but such seems
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XVI. Graphics Miscellaneous photographic Illustrations of Medical Depart
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must be considered. Military duties and training must be interfered with

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