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medical writers. But there can be no doubt that bitches are as
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conditions favor its appearance on the scene Are there special
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them. Some are so firm in consistence that they can be de
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that the provisions of the Act should be strictly carried out
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to watery unripe provender to damaged food of any kind the
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virus then has attained its highest degree of virulence and is
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much gas having an unpleasant sour odour. It is stated that
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In accordance with this procedure the behavior of the meningococcus was
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G land like Carcinoma of Epidermic Origin. Krompecher Ziegler s
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Had the restrictions upon cattle traffic been removed we
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Another theory which has had a good deal of attention paid
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twenty ninth week. Its birth weight was only three pounds. For nine
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always easy and simple. He considers it a matter for surprise and
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is clearly demonstrated that the mechanical washing of the anterior urethra
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and dysentery of a fatal nature particularly among sheep are
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ishment was demonstrated forcibly. Boiled milk beef tea beef extracts
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of soil and at different altitudes close to the sea level in
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suing a relatively mild course in a young man of nineteen years. The
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strength entire loss of appetite inability to stand from weak
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We regard this manual as a very useful book. It is tersely and
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hsematocytometer in open pens were considerable and
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stiffness about the spine the animal turns with difficulty and
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profession of our country will lose nothing by maintaining its war time
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new convoy while the Evacuation Hospital transferred its hos
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so confusing to the student. The introduction into this class of so called
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be more white cells in the field than was normal. The diagnosis of
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diagnosis had been established. The patient was a glassblower aged
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cases it would look as though the surface epithelium had grown downward.
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occurs but once as a rule in the same animal. It is divided
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amounts of protein and fat thoilght appropriate to this amount of
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cate piece of technique this work is seldom done. A mild cold is
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determine the nature of the toxic principle of tlie plant as well
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I was again in the minority and nothing more would have been
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carried out without any accident and generally with the ordinary
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omy. It is proposed that in all that relates to professional and
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These analyses demonstrate an excessively high percentage of pro
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In deep milkers and in some highly bred cattle the cachexia
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docent of Obstetrics and Gynecology in the University of Heidelberg.
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but on the sober realization that from the view of human proba
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