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and for the reason above stated that all remedies calculated to

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does prednisone raise your blood pressure

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no sequelae. In four of the remaining six cases the complications

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speaking to the specialties such as the eye the ear gonorrhoea and

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attached to a hammer with a sharp edged head rubber gloves

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indeed when developed in one animal is only contagious by

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staring coat without any other symptom of disease often in

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culum diaphragm and mediastinum and the walls of the canal

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with costive bowels for eight or ten days before any skin disease

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trenches the stained and harried ground of No Man s Land has

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associated with them have only extended during the same time

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mysterious and unaccountable. We must however accept them

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the following illustration A woman who has been frequently

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content of the wines of France is questionable. Spirits could be had for

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may follow particularly horrible sights hysterical deafness may appear

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and sometimes symptoms of intoxication are manifest. The

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acute rheumatism an increase was found varying from 4 to 24

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ingococci in nose throat and even lungs but escape meningitis.

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Anatomical Distribution. Table VI. includes a general classification

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period uj to twentj four hours the anatomical findings ditfer only in

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Wlien anaemia is due to the operation of a specific virus as that

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mechanically obstructing the blood vessels. Against both these

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welded into working outfits readj to go out in an emergency The

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of the intestinal glands with those occurring in the typhoid

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in the horse from fifteen days to three months and even fifteen

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large spleen and seldom enlarged lymphatic glands. He called these

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should be weighed separately and recorded as is done in some of the

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necessary and beneficial. The practitioner should however wait

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skin particularly about the face root of ears lower parts of

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Explosive shell riven into shreds and scraps and fragments by the

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tory products fluid and solid. I have a far higher opinion

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an antitoxin is obtainable. The second or motile putrificus group is

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exudation and the lateral ventricles are filled with fluid.

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already under mercurial salivation. I am obliged therefore to

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in the lungs pleura and peritoneum and are apt to cause consi

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been observed. Small dried coagula of blood which give the

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Taken collectively these symptoms constitute a diagnostic sign.

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For further and more complete and accurate knowledge of the

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and is likely to confer even greater blessings both upon man and

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maintain their strength and integrity during the time they are

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the heart was established by the French pathologists it has been recog

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particularly in the character and distribution of the ulcers also

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lems concerning battlefield shock Col. Hugh Young M. C Senior

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