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frequently and it is now known that the auricles are sometimes in a

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these however were neither numerous nor constant but by ino

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A persistent two plus Wassermann should not interfere witli

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tion and definition of those into which thev were drawn for all future

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the lobuli of the mammary gland multiply abundantly and are

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habitually suffer from swelled legs no matter how carefully and

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vertebral column from tlie head to the tail seemed to give great

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it occurs in horses and very rarely in mares. Mr. Haycock on

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remainder are hanphocytes and unidentified cells. Centrifuged speci

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It is never necessary when using this splint in the adult to apply

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Classification of animals into groups which in the case of chlorine

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interest enough in itself but that results of this study would have

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its contributions added to the general stock. It may be said of all

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group of cases. The subject is still involved in doubt. Bovaird s

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symptoms in the earlier stages of the disease had better be

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the horse the nitrate of potash may however be given in larger

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In one case of an epileptic adult male imbecile Addison s disease was

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the army to the loss of a doctor and deprive his organization of

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Sequelcc. Thickening of the mucous membrane ulceration of

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a very ingenious manner. He says When I was speaking of

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promoted to the grade of lieutenant colonel as authorized by Tables of

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Chassaing which had been built with the modifications suggested by

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the suffering beast. Abscesses in the lungs are an occasional

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The writer thinks that torsion of the tube occurs more frequently than

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minute lesions present in tKe cardiac muscles in different instances.

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most certainly affirm the contagious nature of the malady for

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by the catarrhal secretion or to more or less collapse of the

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Born at twenty ninth week. Birth weight 1480 grammes 3 pounds. Temperature subnormal

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Ixodes ricinus dog tick the Ixodes reduvius and Ixodes plumhcns

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temper. In the first case tlie brain and nervous symptoms are

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which also exist in abundance in the contents of the intestines.

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blenorrhoea due to the gonococcus is marked by a more copious discharge

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of such alteration our belief in its existence is very positive. There

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cervical canal a leucorrhoeal matter flows the probe carried to the

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hour then wash by decantation until the washing water is colour

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deserve and have never fully discharged their functions.

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difficulty of speech and obvious lethargy we are inclined to the opinion

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