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the deepest purple. True ulceration of the bowels is rare

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by the coagulable lymph as is the case in areolar tissue when

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be given to the field ambulance. Consequently all the places selected

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criticized the front line surgeon and the latter has retaliated in

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during the nine months of pregnancy has long attracted the attention

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Our attempts to cultivate these organisms at the time of this experi

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contained it in a cool place. The animals inoculated at this later period

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bathing facilities possessed by the Army and have experience in

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form the army pathologist must resolutely refuse to damage gross

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the reasons I have already developed. If transfusion or infusion

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to this particular unit seems to fall into three distinct divisions

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where the powers of the circulatory organs are much diminished

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the post mortem examination revealed many of the characteristics

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areas or dispose of refuse. They function as assistants to the sanitary

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sponded morphologically to what are known as Russell s fuchsin bodies.

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plaster. In the 1 cm. wide space remaining between the edges one

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the calves dying from meningitis in an acute form. Infection

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lumpy mashed potato stewed tomato and hash is served there will

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so peremptorily by our laboratory lords and masters that we often loose

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the skin. There was not any infiltration of the subconjunctival or

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In our station certain standard sj mbols were employed.

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doubt the feeling of rawness experienced in acute catarrh of

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In the face of these simple facts let us consider how meningitis

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and consist in the absorption of oxygen by the pulmonary

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extensive as it is with mustard gas. Trobably on account of its

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stage that is to say covered by a shell of thin membrane

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fresh presentations of the subject matter. This is very strikingly so in

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In severe internal congestions where not only the organ chiefly

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give from twelve to twenty ounces of linseed oil combined

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ever an Adrian barrack and a suitable water source are available.

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properly that is in association with and in subordination to a larger

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inspector has the confidence of the officers involved forms an in

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know of no other commentary on the Pharmacopoeia from a pharmaceu

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probable that the number of cases observed in men would have been

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half lying position in the cockpit occupied by the observer and

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and their Chemistry is very thorough and contains the most recent

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humming cooing or snoring character compared to the bass

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produces in time varicose veins which are both disabling and dis

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broken down and was absorbed or had become inspissated and

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civilian community wishes to receive men who may be the origin

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activity of the disease may not return. The local improvement is not as

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pany and place of origin of infection whenever possible. For the purposes

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syi hilis. Mercury salicylate injections were continued one grain per

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tendency and the symmetrical development of its symptoms

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shown by the rates broadly considered. Those wards showing higher

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a more general septic condition there is congestion of the spleen.

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but it places it more carefully on the ground again than does

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ity of the lungs are at once evident. The anterior margins nearly

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be a matter of gratification to the many friends of General Goodwin in

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gravity little higher than distilled water the specific gravity of

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