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the general circulation there to be transmitted to all parts of
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Typical Plimmer s Bodies Internuclear Protozoan Forms and
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Veterinary Surgeon H.M. Indian Army General Superintendent of Horse Breeding
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chiefs of departments in the Army or chiefs of sections in the Navy.
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patching up and repair. Duty of this sort devolves on the regi
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was its sense of proportion and the intelligent cooperation of its
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artillery caissons in fact they are except that the caisson box takes
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calling which constantly necessitates the most strenuous physical effort
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then the animal has no dread of water does not shrink at the
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Morgagni narrates a case of a corpulent man aged fifty eight years
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this single measure if successfully carried out will depend the
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there is every reason for paying particular attention to the warmth
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greatest mortality occurs during and after middle life 52 per cent of
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first day on colostrum which has been heated to 65 C.
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of the blood to be restored Direct experiments upon the blood
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more or less lasting and important unless we insist upon proper
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to the antibacterial power of an antiseptic. Infection he says is not
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tage of what is already established instead of seeking to build anew.
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mediastinum and subpericardial areas. The heart was of normal size
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In the first place war has changed surgery has changed everything
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l ility. This led him to believe that the blood underwent no
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divisions when the reorganization was ultimately completed which speaks
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aristol ointment. Four months after stopping the remedy no relapse had
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able exposition of the value of prophylaxis when taken within one
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are kept under the very influences which have induced its
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The true nature of the poison is not satisfactorily determined
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claim to have been familiar with these cases long before the publication

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