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It rages as an enzootic on the borders of rivers and in low

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dition. The tissues are rapidly consumed the blood becomes

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the American Expeditionary Forces whereby selected members of

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tion and in several more than one additional member of the family was

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medicine and T am sure the surgical training he receives ought to

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for tuberculosis. He reports on the results obtained with this preparation.

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so treated it is necessary that the chlorination be carefully per

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by which dogs are ordinarily surrounded are tossed about the

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to gastro enteritis with colliquative and foetid diarrhcea great

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improved if the sentences were longer and more complete. The con

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was inflamed in patches along its whole length but the jelly

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camps a tightly fitting whitewashed cover is used to exclude flies

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demands of their academic and professional avocations. It is none

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over and lay upon its right side. Its bowels were relieved by

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the bladder. This hyper irritability is either produced by a definite

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We have advocated the employment of iodized autovaccines and of

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those belonging to Mr. B. Weall 20 died in the acute stage of

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pathological process consists in an irritation of the mucous mem

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We are asking the members of the American Medical Association

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