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objections to a nomenclature founded upon clinical symptoms yet dur

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constituents of the blood may be determined by the following

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The production of animal heat is due to certain chemical and

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of the respiratory mucous membrane causing the animal to

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many of which are hollow and contain corium infiltrated with round

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frequent epistaxis and with a still more vivid erythema of the nose and

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the Schneiderian membrane further in the rapid course of the

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term bronchitis dividing it into acute and chronic.

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nostrils were distended dilated and the tongue hung out and

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The following observations were made during 1917 and 1918 at

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or in the absence of any exciting cause is frequently observed in fatty

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three cases of which notes have been preserved the ages ranged from three

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After having scooped out the cavity thoroughly its osseous walls were

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eases to which they are more particularly liable or from which

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spective of rank but with due regard to the importance of the field

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dryness of the lung tissue secondly tubular breathing or

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there may be turgescence of the jugulars and the venous pulse.

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in anything like equal numbers in all cases. Generally speaking in

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on the crook to be only water the flocks may then be allowed

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nervous centres and both brain and its membranes are found

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Alongside of some fibres completely degenerated there are others which

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The theory that carcinomata arise by the epithelium growing down into

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extensive as it is with mustard gas. Trobably on account of its

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Treatment of Epilepsy Dr. David Inqlis states that when epileptic

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this condition is often met with in the earlier stages of inflam

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smart clothes. They generally get a chateau perhaps along the side of

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liar rusty red appearance of the visible mucous membranes and

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few convalescent buildings rather than from every ward in the

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plastic material no injections no vascular arborizations which

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ments are the conditions of increased sensitiveness irritability

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follows 1 Record by units from which contact studies can be

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venture to think that the above estimate is not overdrawn and

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tions of the muscles and every now and then there was an effort

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cord are covered with black spots. The venous sinuses are

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veterinary surgeons are stated by Seraner to have cured farcy

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In the earlier stages. Whether the animal is standing or lying

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throughout the war area. The name also puts in the forefront the

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four died from no assignable cause. The machinery refused to work

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thinking efficient man who comes back from France carries in his heart

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The soreness of the throat now becomes very great and is

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clusions arrived at after very extensive trials and published in

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indictment for the falling down of a service which like the

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interchange showed a much briefer and less pronounced increase than is

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consider it in company with others as one throwing much liglif

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cattle people as the second cleansing lochial discharge con

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