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of admission. When convoys were admitted at night it was found
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pleuro have presented post mortem round patches of consolida
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essary paper work. The slips are surrendered to the company offi
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family watching with a sick relation a fit of constipation or a
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new born and presumably normal infants to see how readily clean fractures
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commonest causes are the pyogenic cocci including the staphylo
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drying the infectious blood containing the rod like organisms
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lungs pulmonary apoplexy amp c. When confined to the inferior
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instances the infection was conveyed by persons connected with the
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beneath that a little elevation existed in the centre of the
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to these the dropping of the jaw and oral breathing which are
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contrast and therefore many of the alleged differences are not essential
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them during life and may arise in congestion of any part and
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destructive to the non sporulated rods have no effect upon the
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grows very rapidly yielding a yellowish growth shining and having a slime
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membrane. When washed the villi are seen congested and
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developed by causes operating from without and B those in
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the advent of secondary and larger crepitations which increase
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ing in the blood three to six breaths will be sufficient.
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customs and duties which together with their professional knowl
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and dysentery are complications of both diseases and finally
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Sym jtoms. The primary signs are those of fever elevation of
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command must be taken. This is perhaps one of the most impor
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insipidus I should be very strongly inclined to attribute this increase
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consistent manifestations of individual cases will not confuse but will
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Maybe the case for the Army in the question of its endowment
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became livid it stared and staggered and threatened every
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future cases be treated with more prolonged rest either in bed or
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sizes. The heart was studded with nodules a large one being
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and the cattle at once transferred to uninfected grounds. The
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the vessel imparted to the injured parts. Medical patients acutely
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tissues generally we may expect more constantly to elicit this valuable
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In center of frame 4 from bottom. Two shelves for holding bottle
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which according to Dr. Mudd represents the clearest possible exposition of the Hodgen
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ties supplied by the same milkman naturally pointed to the milk

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