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Maximum and Minimum Admissions Diseases Only Annual Rate per 1 000

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more particularly after rain preceded by warm dry weather.

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these latter phenomena were merely due to some imperfection in the

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France before the American Expeditionary Forces came on the

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giving rise to inconveniences to persons or other damages.

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causes and in consequence the mortality is thus rendered much

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for a patient with acute pleurisy to recover with a complete re establishment

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of the two precediQg attacks. The treatment here was the administration

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The priority of this discovery is therefore claimed for England

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crossed or that the impenetrable secret of psychical force will be readily

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words they were liable to be more correct statements of facts than

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to combat them effectively we are compelled to resort solely to

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where the animal has a hairy and not a woolly covering. Other

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pounds and the humerus 2530 pounds. The figures are accurate but

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the splitting of the fats with negative results the fat digestion being

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auricle may be and he states that the murmur not uncommonly occurs in

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proven effective especially in the direction of improvised apparatus

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these proposals but that does not affect their importance in the

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