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Contraction of the muscles with rigidity and wasting the

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Department of Hygiene U. S. Naval Medical School Professor of Preventive

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and its relation to race social and economic conditions and natural

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both in the respiratory system and elsewhere become progressively

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and the secretion may have partly or wholly escaped into the intestine

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ternal medication. The syphilitics were given mercurial inunctions

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many ailments hitherto supposed to be merely functional are in

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most sensibly diminished time has been afforded to the con

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Five series of experiments were made with different diets so as to produce

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blood and but slowly recovering their calibre when the expand

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for the poison through the mammary secretion appears to protect

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of their trouble to the end of convalescence. In the absence of otorrhoea

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face or put them in motion. When complete removal of marsh water is

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is timely and gives emphasis to the necessity for the cooperation of the

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Vessels is of interest in these days of the discussion about the neuron

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patient flexes the thigh and complains of considerable pain in this region.

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sages increase both the distress and the fever. I am glad to

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females. This dearth of so called functional murmurs in subjects other

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units and some of them are worth a rehearsal. For instance it

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been brought to a realization of the magnitude of the task.

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anything to make his soldiers comfortable in their mind and in their body

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lines would ultimately influence the policy determined upon owing

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Bucli as feeding on milk or on flesh entirely creosote opium

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to which pathological anatomy is cultivated as a basis for teach

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Whilst increased nutritive activity may lead to hypertrophy

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compression. The remainder of the cavity therefore was packed

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fluenza is to be undertaken portions of all the organs and not

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noted upon an efficiency record the special fitness of this officer for

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carefully weighing the evidence I have arrived at the con

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continue from eight to fifteen days and that those ticks which

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ular attention be directed to it. No doubt many instances of subse

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bination is a balanced one. In this particular case there is a slight

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mortem. examination filled with pus freely communicating with

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cation of hot flannels to the sides or hot fomentations may be

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feet repeatedly giving milk freely amp c. suddenly begins to

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symptoms succeed those of the specific effect of the poison upon

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