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effect was that of a roadside inn. It was well whitewashed with neat

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is incapable of digesting them is calculated to do mucli harm.

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spinal nerves must exist. The temperature now rapidly falls

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to the antibacterial power of an antiseptic. Infection he says is not

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buildings are managed without nurses and the members of the Dis

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appetite loss of flesh debility stiffness about the loins a bran

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the temperature of the animal body has now made progress in

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reduce the mortality from perforation and perhaps about half the cases

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center of this. After the cuff of skin and subcutaneous tissue had

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The following procedure was next adopted and proved very

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The Judge Advocate General was called upon for an opinion as to whether

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Canine distemper may be manifested during any period of

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or still better of a hot poultice or epithem undoubtedly may

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the other organs and structures of the body. In such an

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connection with the elevation of the temperature the diagnosis

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and some actually preservative. The writer s experience leads

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dletown N. Y. State Hospital for the Insane gives the following figures

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few days when the early symptoms are observed or otherwise

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merely brought in contact with the subcutaneous tissue at a

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This second edition of Dr. Allen s book bears the stamp of progress.

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are concerned. In the case of medical officers recently retired from active

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of the wounded soldier. The surgery of war has largely moved to the

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Of the treatment of this condition Thomas writes I do not hesi

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It can easily be understood how the virus thus conveyed

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Bleeding then can only be safely practised in the very earliest

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forms these acts much more carefully than when suffering from

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respiratory disease there were twenty six cases only one of which was free

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a sequel of subperi cardial over fatness is an extremely rare condi

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original diagram of the areas was in its main essentials correct. They show

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