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directly interested requiring money but no additional legislation are
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salts of iron are inadmissible and generally do harm in the
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Simple atrophy may however exist independently but the
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sanitary organization and by a sanitary unit of the American Ked
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and 600 for the importation of milk hence there is ample room for
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there can be no doubt at the same time it cannot be denied
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causing absorption of the bones of the orbit and death by
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plasma was approximately 50 volumes per cent that is on the
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In 1917 it caused more admissions than any other disease except
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Board inasmuch as many of the cases that go through their hands
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congested this may however be unassociated with the disease
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I know that custom and precedent rather favor the use of the
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stables or suffering from the influence of the glanders poison.
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in shape and often contains one or more minute round or angular
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and inflammatory reaction. This disappeared after a few days and the
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To become familiar with the knowledge to be acquired by
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serving food contributed largely to our success in this matter aside
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for further service resulted in a return to Class A fit for any
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powerful protective effort. Just as an old and over loj al servant might
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to afford a satisfactory basis for producing either a satisfactory
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treatment of such cases by cauterization and circumcision
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A wooden stool simple in design can be constructed for use by
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were exposed for purification on the hedges bounding the
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suffering from an outbreak of meningitis. All the conditions were
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inoculation with the discharge of glanders or farcy from in
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cludes a short chapter on urinalysis one on immunity and a useful glossary.
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Is much less frequently met with than in horned cattle the aver
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wdiole organ presents a pale or fawn coloured appearance is soft to
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perusal of the present volume the reviewer felt very thankful to the
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abstract of this important contribution for the information of our
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Of special interest in reference to my visit to Rochester Row
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falls and perhaps dies from actual suffocation consequent upon
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culation becomes accelerated and the plasticity of the blood
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yields a clot of pure fibrin. It would be absurd to suppose that
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my proud boast as an American that in seventeen months whether in
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Bagley of Buffalo was a severe streptococcus tonsillar infection in a boy
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healthy ought to be protected from re infection. To effect this
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cord already referred to. He says The sensibility of the left
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base hospital and arranged for the treatment of all subacute and
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diminished cardiac power or gravitation the coagulation com
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are set up in appropriate buildings together with facilities for dis
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carcinoma of the breast taken from a woman aged thirty five years.
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through the central office. This enlarged department is arranged
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After removal of the foetal membranes of an aborted cow the
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It has been found when using these retractors that none of the
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brought successively into action and that in so far as the
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Pigmentation of the Skin from Drinking Beer Containing Arsenic
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method of procedure and perhaps carefully prepared blood
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slight at first gradually but often very slowly increases in
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Though less irritating to the nose and eyes than chlorine and
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lows Where ectopic gestation terminates in the first month it does so by
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unsatisfied. She had consulted many of the leading practitioners of
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London it was condemned by Professor Simonds and others and
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the man begins to have respiratory difficulties an air hunger.
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is deformity on account of the difliculty of returning the torn bone surfaces
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when I was directed from the office of the British Surgeon General
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movements are short shallow and much accelerated numbering
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there is enlargemaat of the associated lymphatic glands.
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Journal September 1900 p. 212 draws attention to the extensive discussion
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numbers. Their number however varies with the animal
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and through with a fungus. It may be mentioned that the
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rapidity with which the arteries empty themselves by the

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