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diagnosis of hysteria and neurasthenia. The examinations of the urine were

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been assigned to the Quartermaster Corps for the purpose of delous

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contagion to state that the malady had only very feeble con

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over fatness and there is slight if any implication of the myocardium

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to indicate that iodine is not necessarily harmful in pulmonary

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latter case signs of ill heahh appear excited perhaps by partu

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existence. Tlie moan of indigestion is rather more prolonged

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again and again. If a low pressure exists therefore a pressure

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the laboratory for examination. The contents of the test tubes

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I have appended a tabulated list of cases of fatty infiltration un

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many of the tubules are filled with blood. There are also numerous

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effusion is a coagulator of that effusion giving rise to the

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chester Workhouse which was founded in 1754 and which in 1916

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from a critical analysis of the clinical records. All these data will

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common drinking cups pencils eating utensils and similar meth

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