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experience acquired in the temples as a hereditary sect. They

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human figure is represented as an object of worship. In others the

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selected and skilfully administered. It has been said that the method might

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mucous membranes soon becoming prominent presenting a

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of cancer mortality per 100 000 of estimated population in Buffalo

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lupins to the action of steam for at least two hours under the

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displaced in cases of parturient apoplexy when fluids gain

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mation is responsible for the sanitary condition of the quarters or localities

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does not contribute to a young man s self respect and hurried eating

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to the status of medical and surgical cases treated in the war

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absorption of the degraded pulmonary exudates and death from

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He believes in drainage continued over a long space of time.

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died within twenty to thirty hours after inoculation. By

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were not the cause of the disease as in the majority of the

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Therefore I pray that I may be pardoned and understood if I say

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transported 30 to 40 miles without surgical intervention should

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together form the efficient stimulus for an increased respiratory effort.

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