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the opposite side and that the motor influences sent down from
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were ultimately replaced by groups of hyaline bodies which were con
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tion of three months a small group of these inoculated soldiers
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top of the clot being ascribable generally to the fact that slow
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animals tlie purely mental psychological diseases are absent
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maintenance of artificial respiration in the otherwise collapsed lung of an opened
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in the neighborhood of serious war wounds after the manner of an
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of which the original books or articles were published. Under each country
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that the general practitioner unskilled in major surgical technique and
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fleet both in peace and war invariably assemble at points usually
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this discrepancy. The top of the record represents the capillary
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amount of recreation took long summer vacations and was fond of the
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of cripples which consisted of patients on crutches or who were able to
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parts creosote 2 parts iodoform 2 parts. Two thirds of an ounce
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fiscal year ending July 1 1899 examined bacteriologically 117 differ
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I do not think America sent any more resolute spirits to France than
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excellent results in the treatment of gout by a new synthetic preparation a
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barbarous practice of forcing sundry quarts of gruel beer amp c.
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course up to the 18th when right orchitis developed. On the morning
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parts of the body. They do not penetrate deeply into the
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tlie handling of the clothing and that a limited amount of time
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of Naples that over 60 000 persons perished through partaking
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sive disease of the lung the latter gives the impression that it
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most universal and the use of the handkerchief appeared to be un
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already suitably dressed are put up by standard methods for transportation
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having a florid red aspect. These show a preference for some parts
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time expended and a little special skill in chemical work.
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science of Veterinary Medicine has been so important as to
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connection with any disease. It arises says General Sir
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of the turnips and the humidity of the atmosphere for in many
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duration of the disease even in cases where its primary effects
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faeces covered with mucus hence the terms typhus mucosa and
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pockets and the general surface is decently clean sepsis is not apt
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demanded immediate amputation in order to save the boy s life.
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of parotitis but usually make their appearauce two to five dnja
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lymphatic vessels and here and there they fill them so com
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rounded ends which may also present the appearance of a
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and still more rarely as an epizootic in this country but cases
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arteries. Arterial congestion especially that of an active type
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slaughter and bury all animals affected with the plague as well
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with the feet looks to the sides and flanks and shows other
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more particularly the portion of it near the septum is specially affected.
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w ere studied by Demoussy Sansol Pradal D Arboval Mathieu
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accurate so far as observation can make them. There is absolutely no
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the student should be familiar may be discussed in connection with the
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encircled by clumsy wooden frames known locally as tree boxes.
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sity for two or even three days. The discharge from the nose
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of digestion as mashes and hay or green food if in season as
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that this patient was given 40 grains of sodium bromide and 5 grains
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geographical. The occasional occurrence of ague in out of the way places
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ill is only seen upon land infested with ticks and that ticks

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