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proper for an experiment where human life was at stake.
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think that the morbid changes had probably originated during
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indeed the percentage of complications throughout all the hospitals
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The control of the ordinary contagious diseases has heretofore
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home. He continued the exercises however regularly and in three months
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eccentrically is propagated along the vasa motor nerves of
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cancer it remained for us to determine the nature of these organisms
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ing. Under these circumstances the surgeon should remove the
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It has been estimated by the Surgeon General s Office U. S.
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increasing to altogther inexcusable proportions the number of
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which the head is suddenly depressed the nose brought down to
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which represents about one gram place this in his canteen and
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ized can independently attend to the rapid contact and carrier
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only solution the important question being How could it be done
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is however liable to many exceptions and it is by no means
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border and most of the available Regular Army within the continental limits
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semination of the streptococci are precisely the same as those taken
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describe no other lesions in the cranial cavity than the super
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ground harbouring vermin and preventing the growth of useful
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taneously and it is not an uncommon thing to find the lungs
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of the problems that confront him un vexed by jealousies and con
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diabetes in which it seems as if the blood globules were melted
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stand but such diseases as apoplexy of the spleen quarter ill
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areas or dispose of refuse. They function as assistants to the sanitary
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heard over those regions where the vesicular murmur is most
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occur if we are to look upon the formation of abscesses in the
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minute granules within the cells of the tissues. A muscular
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believed that an animal is only once attacked during a season.
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often present than hyperacidity. I believe that congenital cases of
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logical elements and clots within them. In consequence of
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many a much shorter time and the severity and sequence of the
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in the cavities of certain adenocarcinomata of the ovaries is likewise
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grinds its teeth arches the back and draws its legs together
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Libraires de I Academie de Medecine 120 Boulevard Saint Germain Paris
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treatment surgical measures which themselves are purely mechanical.
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The wounds made by operation healed by first intention. The uterus was
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could be consolidated into four issue sizes. It was also realized
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Achilles reflexes were present without reinforcement slight ataxia and
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blasts in midwinter to enjoy the fresh air On the contrary we
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neighbor s shoulder. In this case the mouth may be brought very
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patient had passed the climacteric. Shortening of the round ligaments was
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I prescribed immediately a heart tablet of strophanthus digitalis
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grafting may serve as an explanation in default of a better.
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are best heard except indeed in those parts most thickly clad
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Symptoms in the Ox and Sheep. Tympanites is diagnosed by a
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to its cause than those reared where the disease and ticks
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comparison we may rule out the possibility of these bodies being due to
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A disinfector of ample capacity is improvised from a shed or
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interval will be found sufficient and even this amount may be gradually
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Col. Caesar Baduel Florence Chief of Bureau of Sanitary and Local Welfare

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