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amniotic fluid also contains them. In the aborted fcetus the
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ness but on the outermost edge of a transverse section of the
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method 2 the Strohl method 3 the single tube shift method
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minute and the respirations as numerous or even more so this
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to below the normal to 99 and rises to normal about 101.
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representation in population will be shown again below by other con
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degeneration. Degeneration of normal tissues is at all times a
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The disease in itself cannot be called contagious or infectious
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presence of much colouring matter in solution. Later on this
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very rare in tlie horse but is of frequent occurrence in cows and
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and but for the most determined action of the Government
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ecchymosed appearance mentioned in the symptoms have also
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are subject when kept on low damp pastures more especially
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after treatment was discontinued witli severe headaclies general
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shortly after they are hatched they most probably attack the
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creased supply of blood to all parts of the body in order to
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are the effects of the nervous disorder. Some horses are
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of these were hardened in sublimate and Hermann s fluid.
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present among the whites. The explanation for this may be that
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are isolated in hospital they should wear masks when out of their
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has suffered from repeated attacks of pericarditis. This conclu
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remain. The simplest and most effective method is to place a good
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chronological and readable order haa been as we who revere such
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ing to palpitation but the impulse has been feeble and the pulse
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Under all but the best of sea conditions and even with but few
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by Hansemann and others that new growths of an organ may to a
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not account for a sufficient loss of blood into the injured tissues to
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diagnosis of aneurism of the abdominal aorta was made. Some of
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stances was of shorter duration than the narcosis. When not indicated
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well known fact that the prostate gland undergoes an atrophy after the

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