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possible to send him by a fighting plane to a hospital center where
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has known how to eliminate all the dead wood of theory and controversy
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and blood channels they infect in their capacity of bacillus carriers
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seen upon its surface but where it is dark coloured no spots
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The hard pulse is seldom associated with largeness the
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reflex disappeared and a marked fall of pressure occurred. Here
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flux or by hemorrhage are controlled by ergot. The more soft
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diately become dizzy and faint and the face is suffused with an undue
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fluid. Wire from hay bales is straightened and cut into 2 foot
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rendered negative in a very short time the maximum period of iso
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I have endeavoured to condense much of what has been
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medicines as preparations of iron gentian and decoctions of
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which will hold the pressure up and that is to start transfusion or
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ward was also demonstrated during the past year by the discovery of
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prurient nor low could live in his presence. With him thought and
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cause particularly in cattle the first thing to be done is to
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tendency to oedematous swellings and other signs of debilitated
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was totally ineffective. An electric fan might have saved them if
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horse is subject to a true equine pox and that it is transmissible
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to inflammatory irritation gradually propagated from the urethra to the sacral
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The mad dog or indeed a rabid animal of any kind brought
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most graphic. Attended as it was by the bitterest and most acrimo
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of the battlefield would seem to be through the equipment and
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These cases reveal a family form of primary splenomegaly all devel
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such water contain the products of the decomposition of animal
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severe the thermometer may register 103 or even higher
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emaciation and sweats which he considers to be the most important symp
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ized prior to draft provided for one lieutenant colonel as division surgeon
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t ie elementary factors in the syndrome of the trouble on an organic
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and specialties as required in the course of the six weeks training.
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remedies as strophanthus or caffeine. Should these fail the continuous
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These then are the two periods during which the practitioner
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when not in the cubicle. Such measures should be taken in all
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Subinvolution can be benefited by the frequent application of the
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putrefaction and that anthrax was a septicaemia or putrefaction
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pains particularly on muscular exercise. The palpable arteries are not

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