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horn breed and which had never partaken of other food than
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Centralblatt fur Oyndkologie 1901 No. 10 Stoeckel reports two cases of this
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found in rats and bandicoots and in honour of its discoverer
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of biliary secretion or the presence of altered bile the rectum
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arj abscess there is a zone of hemorrhagic pneumonia.
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its production and in cases preceded by a local disease such as
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I believe it will not be questioned that the Medical Department in
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that the process is a lobular pneumonia from which hemolytic
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redness of one or both eyes and swelling of the eyelids.
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fracture and the best possible result can generally be obtained
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in the cooking and general cleanliness of the kitclien and dining
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Cats are more frequently affected than dogs indeed it is little
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Frohner in attenuating the virus by subjecting the cultures to
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fully groomed and tended. The mineral tonics may be adminis
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in three. From the eighth to the fifteenth day the port wine
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responding approximately to the part covered by a glove.
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effect produced in the body of an animal by the destruction of
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white points beneath the pleural surface. They are well shown
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alkaline bitter treatment fails in having the desired effect. When
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and the peritoneal cavity was filled with clear straw colored fluid. The
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plague in 1866 led to the belief that vaccination would prove a
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and important. In severe inflammatory diseases the legs ears
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reached within 12 feet of the surface. This pit is filled to within
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enforced nearly as well in the wards as in tlie dining rooms. There
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measles. These two men were transferred from their regular quar
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material has been collected and much more is stored in hospital
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The following description of the cardiac changes found at the autopsy
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used in some localities. These trenches are roofed over with boards
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in the majority of cases to atrophy and fatty degeneration of the

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