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mendation of Ebstein to use salol in diabetes reports his observations on

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pulse as to lead me to the conclusion that the horse was suffering

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Whoo2 ing Cough. This disease as indicated in the tables is

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epizootic disease the pulse is hard and unyielding the mouth

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As Principal Williams owing to his constant travel about

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amblyopia. It should be noticed also that these wood alcohol essences

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Guided then by such thoughts and by the work of others along this

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either on the way of disappearing or in process of formation also

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tion can be successfully performed the result is a complete cure of the

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Within two hours after inhalation of chlorine the nuclei of the

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from otitis media. In three cases of congenital syphilis all under four

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existence of that malady among cattle and Professor Williams

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of the purchase money. Fatty infiltration is caused by high

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untoward effects. According to these figures an ocean of Manchester beer

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prevent the accession of disease. Again horses whose coats

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examination in one instance and by the subsequent clinical course in

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Relations of the Army Sanitary Office to the Sanitary Inspectors of Divisions

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teriological needs of a rapidly growing National Army base hospital

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Spitzy s methods of transplanting certain nerves with the idea of bringing

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the case where the lesion being very limited the animal

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time as it is only by keeping the digestive apparatus charged

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its soothing effect be assisted by warm fomentations to the

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but which has now been discovered to include three separate

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ducted upon a new and unique basis. He presented a chart received

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but they do not furnish any evidence of any one particular form

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fluids hence a dog will plung his nose deeply into water lap it

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denominated mad and stomach staggers and we are led to

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formaldehyde. They were worn by the men in place of the uniform

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must however be confessed that as yet the true relationship

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the bones in various parts of the body may become subject to

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are enabled to p rog7iosticate the nature of its termination or in

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to the inflamed part increase the tendency to the formation of

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meet in the median line and tend to overlie the heart. The pleural

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these studies he would use a diagram including the lumbar portion of the

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Physicians and Surgeons Columbia University Attending Surgeon to the

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this method could be more easily carried out without waiting for urine to

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The succeeding chapters which follow in what might be called the

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came as violent as before. Finally however she slowly began to improve

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limb to the base of the splint to secure it firmly.

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to restrict the diet to hay and mashes for some days. Much

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to swab a regiment and the organization must remain in isolation

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We believe that both classes of criticism are of value not of

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lation. The actual rates are less important than the general tendencies

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of the temperature gradually subsiding the appetite returning

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Excepting cases 5 and 7 all yielded tubercle bacilli. The two

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