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tion admitting the large role which biochemical products must play in

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account of the presence of the massive edema and congestion.

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rapidly appearing between the jaws on the neck about the eyes

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bronchi contain much mucus or other fluid a moist rattle

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that characterise this disease in man are not met with in the

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bered that some pancreatic secretion may still be furnished to the

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pleuro have presented post mortem round patches of consolida

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continued to be centers for the training of men assigned to the

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also freely granted that a large hospital center is economical com

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make the bacillus of Tulcrculods avium a peculiar variety of the

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dition. The tissues are rapidly consumed the blood becomes

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tion and definition of those into which thev were drawn for all future

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sluggish his movements are clumsily performed and he is

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Two weeks after discharge they are available for transfer. At times

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growths that were solid formerly. Such solid tumors may have origin

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The above in brief is the kernel in the autlior s argiunent his

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the difficulties of preparing a vaccine according to the method

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correctly pulmonary apoplexy is a matter of some import

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derable confusion as it has been the custom to look upon all

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forwards of the ears also by an occasional vacant upward stare.

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tions are given toward the end of this section. While naphthalene

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The pouring or pumping of large quantities of fluids consist

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condition is markedly increased by the peculiar outward thrust of

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The liver is gravely altered enlarged sometimes of a dark

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The exact diagnosis between a severe cold and influenza can only

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The above symptoms are subject to some variations. In

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muscles the explanation is to be found in the fact that the

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