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where a man is coughing the danger that anyone will become infected
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which the contagium may extend in every direction whereas segre
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during the intensity of any chest disease. This is not a diagnostic
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power the horse will begin to feel himself as is commonly
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with a mimeographed sheet giving explicit instructions and in
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ammonia to sixteen of oil for the purpose of preventing the
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I may state in conclusion that parturient apoplexy is a recur
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gen in two minutes and maintained for thirty three minutes. Con
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and cast out and if the case progresses favourably the false
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veteran soldiers of nations famous for ages in war has been largely
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could not be transmitted after an animal had been dead twenty
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I was again in the minority and nothing more would have been
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prophylactic treatments administered 11.008 per cent contracted
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chiefs of departments in the Army or chiefs of sections in the Navy.
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The material with which our animals were inoculated consisted of
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the stools were not preserved owing to confusion resulting from a change
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hospitals as in civil hospitals methods which require a consider
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Blisters. Of the application of the so called counter irritants
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cell nucleus but the color of the latter is much brighter moreover
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at other times and not to put any object in their mouths which
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they become moist and as the moist stage becomes as it were
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degeneration while the flexors responded slowly and only to a strong
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and beverages are placed on the tables and the meat and dessert
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yoke oxen. By keeping communication with the territory north
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having a specific gravity of 1034 and yielding a large propor
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Present Complaint Patient states that he contracted parotitis on
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at its middle. The fibula appears to be entirely normal. The circum
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the American. There are three horse drawn and seven motor am
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the achievements which have added new glory to the noble professions they
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pital was not a desirable institution at all where it was possible to
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It can scarcely be considered as vaginitis nephritis or angeitis.
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as in the majority of the cases examined and fat was abundant
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The symptomatology of these cases was extremely varied. In a few
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He has kept extra stock both of cattle and sheep during
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heart as well as its incapability to support the functions of the
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officers of the American Expeditionary Forces in France from July 1 1917
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investigate the documents relating to these transactions and of
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appear in books of composite authorship. We think it a much better
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tive results are obtained. With a certain percentage of offenders
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tion of the inflammation. It has already been pointed out that
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