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lant. All presented advanced lesions save two one of which was
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lead to a correct conception of all the developmental changes.
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bent position in the acutest stage or with thorough fixation and ambulatory
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repetitions of those of Nocard crudely performed and lead
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throughout. Every medical officer and every medical reserve officer of the
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siderably larger than those which the sacs originally contained. It will
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covered by Laennec was introduced into veterinary practice by
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is very marked thus in the ox the inflamed lungs present such
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obviating that inevitable overhead waste which is unfortunately
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the covering are made of inch wire maldng a very light frame.
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fortunate in securing this combination of circumstances. The writer calls
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but no diarrhoea chlorate or nitrate of potash may be ordered
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This case is of especial interest because of the rapid recovery under
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have received the course of treatment are non infectious and in a
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ignored and is not admitted to sick report and a very severe cold
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tincture of iodine on gauze and all ulcerated areas on glans and prepuce
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the preparation in a thermostat. In this case we have repeatedly
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phate etc. Those cases which upon examination show the neces
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streptococcic serum. The membrane extended from the tonsil to the
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extremities of the blue form. This was followed by gangrene of the
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indictment for the falling down of a service which like the
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dislocation of one or both kidneys the colon and the small intestines.
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replacements. The division therefore represents the small end of
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nuisances and inspection of dwellings and stores was left entirely
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special shell shock hospitals in England shows that Q5 per cent of those
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animal causing the horse to be termed a high blower. This
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scribe and correlate that render the i icture significant and im
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that the chisel does not penetrate or injure the dura the hook is
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wide diffusion of virulent pneumococci and streptococci in the
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aseptic coeliotomy the wound should be reopened and the distended gut
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time and which was lying dulled and only slightly anesthetized.
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exudation is excessive in cLuantity that the larger as weU as the
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cruiser that the reviewer considers himself justified in presenting it to
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exposure to wet and cold A strong predisposition to cold exists

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