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It cannot be said that the fever terminates in a critical dis

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revealed nothing very particular in the spinal canal brain nor

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This room adjoining the record room and laboratory is located

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pronounced evidences of the presence of the disease have been

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service abroad during the present war who shall have the rank of major

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compared with chloral hydrate. After a long series of animal experiments

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Personal observation tends to confirm the belief that I have long held

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marked that the organisms especially the younger forms can be detected

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which were positive and 8 negative. Among the positive cases there were 3

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section from the growth in the neighborhood of the caecum and one

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material taken from the periphery of the nodule. If cavities

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light that under these terms there are in reality three diseases

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ditions. If we had our way there would always be a normal and

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progressive phlegmon death of the tissues fertiger Gasbrand and

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our medical libraries. The only details omitted by the Surgeon General

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Maj. Gen. Sir Wilmot Herringham British Army authority on

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of Texas fever now prevailing in other parts of the world

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selves when the disease had subsided. Some no doubt were the mur

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bowels are loosened when if there be any signs of diarrhoea it

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actual knowledge. To do more than this is many times obviously

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is rarely due to coagulation of albumen but to the precipitation

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above the level of the solution. In some camps the latrine attend

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parts of the organism such as the ears which will present a

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lesions of mycosis fungoides and those occasionally seen in iodide of potas

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to 60 mm. of mercury and held there for an hour. You understand

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the conjunctivse anaesthetic. Artificial respiration brandy and respiratory

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store room should be safeguarded against unauthorized entrance

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and exhaustion. During the paroxysms of pain the breathing

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There were eight or ten of these unobtrusive biscuit tin affairs on the

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In some women who have profuse menstruation in those who are

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wireless the air route alone can furnish a means of getting into

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aperient ought to be administered without delay. Tlie kidneys

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unquestionable facts of the case. They show that some oppos

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shower apparatus with 24 shower heads 2 Vermorel sprayers 2

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garden vegetables of which large quantities were eaten raw as the

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It was completed and demonstrated before representatives of the

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frequently masquerades under other diagnoses and that finally the

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Mr. Gamgee describes a form of encephalitis in horned cattle

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livid and the extremities were clammy and cold. The pupils were dilated and

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developing new crises necessitating the straitjacket he saw himself

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from being swept through the trap into the pit. The opening of

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