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namely metallic tinkling and a gurgling or splashing sound.
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fever Captain McGruer specialist skin diseases Col. Harvey
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of muscular fibres. These endeavour to arrest the invasion of
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micrococci increased and spread in exactly the same manner as
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Causes of fatty degeneration. All influences which interfere
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was feeble in 25 cases. An hypertrophied heart in the feeble minded
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For the convenience of description they may be arranged
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and Chickamaugua Park was undertaken in the first week of June.
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Immunity conferred by previous attacks of measles German
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exudation and the lateral ventricles are filled with fluid.
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surgical perception. He truly says that the number of emergency
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hydrocyanic acid is to be given alone or in combination with
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huts or barracks have come to be the chief kind of quarters used
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In addition to Pathology and Pliysiology Medicine compre
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they might be in quantity are defective in some constituents and
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pneumonia and perhaps some degree of congestion of the
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Of the influence of climate the diseases named kumree and
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There is an enormous engorgement of both small and large blood
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The skin about the shoulders lower portion of the neck and
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progress in a neighboring State where the principal defence is that
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same grade and proportionately distributed among such grades as are now
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carefully and cautiously administered. They are certainly use
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healthy are kept and used for breeding purposes as long as
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The chapter on Treatment discusses the many phases of the subject.
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treats only exceptional cases of syphilis by hypodermatic or intravenous
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even a slight irritation of the mucosa being sufficient to induce
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II in species of intestinal worms is consistently higher in the
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swollen mucous membrane mechanically blocking up the tubes
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appetite and digestion and with this comes improved nutrition increase of
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opaque yellowish matter infiltrating the tissues. These vary
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necessary to open the abscesses as soon as pus can be detected
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barring those of typhoid fever. The daily urine now averages about
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point is that no man who wore a louse proof suit contracted trench
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to Stab and Gunshot Wounds. In both of these chapters will be found
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native born and probably other foreigners in showing a remarkably
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In my own specimens there appear to be at least nine stages
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spasm of many muscles of tlie same side is the result.
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rapid emaciation in the horse. In horned cattle and sheep
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confined to the diseased part or affect more or less the whole
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