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their safe retention or to their legitimate extraction.

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aside when the uterine arteries were ligated near their origin. It was

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from the station with a mouth piece on each which effectually

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pneumonia who would otherwise die a result not claimed by even

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The organization in this zone is as follows By agreement with

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surface. The secretion of the pleural surfaces is at first sus

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medicinische Wochenschrift August 16 1900 states that out of thirty one

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but owing to better drainage of the land it is less common than

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foolishness to suppose that we can modify in any appreciable degree

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as near a straight line as possible the eyes prominent con

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to the laboratory in order that the necessary tests can easily be

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from such cattle during transportation. Furthermore such

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any subsequent day. The abscess cavity was cleaner and brighter

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be carried on through successive generations of the organism.

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more predisposed to roaring than those with shorter necks

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The people who must stay at home and care for the children and

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liable to many fluctuations at times prevailing to a great extent

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ance from a normal circumcised penis was a slight abundance of

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an amount sufficient to accomplish a perfect result without the

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summer. The number of cattle kept has increased from forty

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hsematin of the blood escaped from the corpuscles to a great

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the eruption became very dirty and the animals soon became

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stripped from the surface of the convolutions without tearing the

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cough be troublesome the throat may be stimulated or lightly

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enlarged follicles in the spleen were each found to contain within the

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add bulk to the frame so is our own living flesh constantly

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stituted schools of instruction and have trained many men for duty

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content of approximately 12 000 cubic feet. The proper number of

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lieavy feeble step then falls prostrate in a state of somnolence

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found in the atria and in the immediately adjoining alveoli and are

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present apparently produced by contracting bands of scar tissue.

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Acute Leukaemia in Childhood with Beport of a Case. McCrae Johns

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of divergence of the plane of the brim from this perpendicular is necessarily

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Department in regard to this work has been a difficult problem in

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inflammations particularly in horned cattle to caseous tumours

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in technical language bristling with formidable terms but in words which

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of horses and dogs is that due to atrophy and fatty degeneration.

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Dislocations of the Vertebrae Isolated Fractures Fracture Dislocations

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dealers. The latter suppose that by a free use of water they

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