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by drops or molecules of an oily nature which appear as
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otherwise healthy carry the micro parasite of Texas fever in
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of particular organs are described in detail and many valuable sta
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it possible that some one form of organism among those already described
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produced first by slow forcible bending in the hands. There resulted 1
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involved the posterior part of the left crus cerebri. It must be
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interlobular lymph vessels surrounding the infarction in the
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experience with his specimens and the various opinions expressed by
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duced his device for intratracheal insufflation The processes implied in the
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where the larvae hide. Hence drainage canals should be periodically flushed
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the profession no matter in what branch we be nor for that matter
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had been contaminated by the discharges of yellow fever patients without
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rendering the pastures bare the covers and hatching places of the
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Between Whitsunday term May 26th and August he lost ten
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Several nodular masses were found within the prepuce of the animal
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personally operated upon about eleven hundred men and feel con
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in another a degree of hypersesthesia to touch and sound as
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is obtained by inoculating the surface of agar with the aspirated fluid. It
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and the points of analogy are very great. In both diseases
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pain and cough nothing should be forced upon the animal or
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flesh prostration of strength short and difficult respiration
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to give them tone hence arsenic alkalies bitters more especi
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ing. It might be said that there should be no such indifferent students.
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The intestinal lesions are congestions and pigmentation with
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remain in the same location as long as the demands of the battle
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assisted by a veterinarian and a pharmacist. This section will pro
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unsatisfied. She had consulted many of the leading practitioners of
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men wdio advocated the counter irritation theory were under
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provided the request for them be written on the manuscript.

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