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may be estimated at from 99 to 102 F. In thirty four healthy

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cavities of the heart are filled with fluid blood reflecting a

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to be a small oval motile bacterium both aerobic and anaerobic

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Rich Itzer Mrirt Kasbet el Makhzen Gourrama Beni Tadjet

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sometimes called post diastolic or taking place immediately in advance of

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by the different schools I will present a simple classification of shell

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ment of stuttering Pitres has recently applied similar methods with suc

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inefficient service 6 poor or monotonous menus 7 loss of

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considered a proper indication of the cardiac contraction. The

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taminated its contents before the peritoneal fluid was collected.

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otherwise examine the heart with particular care at frequent intervals

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present so long as it remains in the digestive cavity nor during

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tolerance. Potassium iodide 20 grains three times a day was given

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extravasation into the intestinal mucous membrane and alimen

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at all times being taken that the animal be prevented from

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ing the tumor it was found to consist of an hydronephrotic movable kidney

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tively than if the contrary conditions are true. Of course in the

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absent or much less marked. The trachea and bronchi show a puru

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active or virulent element of anthrax resists absolute alcohol

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Some writers maintain that it arises from contagion only

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Carrel s method. See paragraph 1 under Thoracoplasty with lung

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The cause of these symptoms is probably a hydrostatic bronchitis due

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ing no bronchial or laryngeal spasm no tremors or convulsions.

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what is elocon used for

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man the one sided man the man who unduly exalts his particular line

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the organic functions are largely impaired the bowels in par

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vertical shower when very cold as in midwinter falling upon the

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in the lower animals I have however seen it in the horse

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The impulse of the heart may be felt by placing the hand

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view of the modifications which the disease must neces

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Besides the local municipal laboratoiy in which provision should

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tractility. This is the most common mode by which death

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contain a clear fluid which has exuded from the blood vessels

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Great caution is at first necessary in using this remedy as at

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The large intestines according to Professor Simonds see Report

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The one observation which I have to report in this connection relates

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These bacilli are often attached to each other in septica mic

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become the seat of gelatinous infiltration containing a large

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Unless the foreign body can be removed as in Mr. Walker s

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are concerned a report is occasionally returned that no sufficient cause

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September 28 the ship was invaded by anophelines. In one single

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vanced by Von Stein that possibly in the future the mortality of such

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and of a whitish yellow colour coagulating around the vaginal

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The role played by the infiltrated fat as well as the abnormally great

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somewhat above the surrounding skin. When this was removed

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carts into the wards and serve each patient directly as is done for

what is mometasone nasal spray used for

immune to that strain. But he is in close contact with the carriers

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between three and twenty weeks the usual duration having been between six

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this learned to appreciate Oppenheim s text book but unfortunately

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National Guard medical officers in the matter of appointments to grades

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suits sewed one inside the other and spra yed with creosote oil by

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In multiplication by budding a small portion of the germinal

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thorax is unnecessary the X ray will have demonstrated the location

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leukaemia hemorrhages convulsions death duration about one month.

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previously observed. Neither clinicians nor pathologists of today

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brought by any good operator to almost perfect efficiency.

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not the slightest improvement was noted but on the contrary the disease

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heart and total loss of appetite or even extreme abhorrence of

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