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to their extreme rarity noteworthy because their subjects have been

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hsemorrliagica and scarlatina death may be said to be due to

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partial fixation which this organ normally gives the stomach was absent.

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cancer is a disease occurring chiefly after middle life. The amount of

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died of wounds 22 died of disease 102. For nurses died of disease

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impulse is feeble and the first sound muffled and indistinct the aortic

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paraffin. The glands of the mesentery were more or less enlarged

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virulent for mice or rabbits. They manifestly come from the mother s

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These cases reveal a family form of primary splenomegaly all devel

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methods in vogue is the tartaric acid and bicarbonate of soda method

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has been awarded the Distinguished Service Cross as some salve to

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as definite specialties. It was natural therefore that the Medical

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vated physicians here as elsewhere become in a sense the victims of

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was then demobilized and packed on the trucks ready for move

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is supposed by Toures to be due to the lead in combination with

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