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coloring matter. The centrifugalized sediment showed a few short granular

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ments succumbs in from twenty four to forty eight hours.

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unit should not be required to issue any independent reports or be

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officers 75 nurses and 14 0 noncommissioned officers and men. The

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Recent statistics published by the Surgeon General s Office

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in the care of the sick and wounded during the prospective war.

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pages. A little later in 1856 the caduceus appears on the chevrons of

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or hands or arms of the operators by means of the skin or

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mind an explanation of the lateral j seuclopodia described by

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Notify the Office of Chief Surgeon Second Army immediately so that army

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had slight reflexes. The urine was highly albuminous the fundus of the

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is slow 3. The ferment is precipitated along with gelatinous

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in southern Morocco I had an opportunity to appreciate the services

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hands of the operator and his assistants are so protected from infection it

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connective tissue of the lungs. In this manner both vesicular

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April we received from Tennessee a group of 2 287 negroes of

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medulla oblongata in those calves which continually bellow

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Formol in the Treatment of Uterine Hemorrhage. Gerstenberg Cen

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gestion of the intestinal mucous membranes the bacilli being

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disease is transmissible by inoculation to the mouse and pigeon

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lism of carbohydrates for it is well known that flushing the system

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blankets can be sterilized before his return to the company and to

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The feces were collected upon bent tin strips inserted into the

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influence the nervous system and 2 every influence or agent which has

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that prolonged cohabitation with tuberculous cattle gives tlie

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cylindrical rods being either free or attached in chains. Some

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doses sufficiently large to induce narcosis. Sleep is accompanied with lower

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tary conditions in which morbid products are found may be

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doubtful by writers on human medicine. Some writers affirm

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is peculiar. They penetrate into these and multiply in their

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effect. The metal may sometimes however be converted with

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lieart s action. Syncope may occur in two ways 1st. By the

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ject of fairly good physique and cardiac action. In two instances there

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brandbacillus. Aschoff and collaborators Vogesenstamm. Pfeiffer

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statutory schedule of infectious diseases and that compensation

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example too much protein greatly increases the cost of the food and

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The fluids which enter the blood for the purpose of being

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affected with moderate hypertrophy of the left ventricle and adjoined

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untorn periosteum. Some experiments were carried out on the cadavers of

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by tissue forceps or hemostats the cautery is applied and the entire foreskin

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is necessary and it is better to avoid even the oil except where

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then wipe them. Sometimes after washing in soapy water the dishes are

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The pelvis in this case was considerably flattened the external conjugate

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cardiovascular sort worthy of place in practical interpretaton and for

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medical profession of the country. Shall we not then grasp this unique

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system of treatment is so efficacious as their removal to soils

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that the distance representing a given nuinbet of calories and the

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fully matured parasites present but many in an emljryonic

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absent namely the blood vessels of the inflamed lobules are

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friends of the French and British armies to answer the questions of

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native born must be considered in drawing conclusions from the cancer

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entirely through the evacuation hospital rations should be obtained

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McBurney has been assigned the subject of the Vermiform Appendix

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SO affected begin to die when almost fit for the butclier and

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Equipment. Emergency equipment is carried in a square can

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This is usually necessary only in mistreated or long untreated cases.

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AH treatment is useless until the stricture has been divided after which

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organ varies according to the stage of the disease in which

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which are thus collected and classified in a manner convenient for

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wholesome food for further thought and investigation in these words

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colour. The further we proceed from the centre of the tumour

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wrong in principle and disastrous in practice I must proceed to

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a sufficient number of specimens had accumulated the keg would be sent

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pneumonia which was due in all probability to pyaemia.

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The cavity was then packed and the lip sutured. The entire opera

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ingites of the same type. It is only exceptionally that benign forms are

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elementary steps are generally omitted. How far they are to re

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spoken of as belonging to the mixed form of gas gangrene.

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