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oculation and infection were made on sixteen horses two
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tration which are present here and there and especially where a miliary
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and tonics are to be administered and if the case threatens to
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body. They are given off into the blood stream and drive away COg.
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of death was the enormous fat deposit which obstructed the current of
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may be some premonitory symptoms such as staggering and
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corresponding columns of the cord were cut or injured loss of
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of the urine which produces the striking symptom of
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times the badly wounded will complain more of their sweating than
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over the shorter legged ones as they can reach much higher and
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other bath Obviously in the fact that its stream is or should be
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horse the virulence of the bacilli becomes destroyed and the
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lung tissue has become impervious to air or that a considerable
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you that bears on these possibilities. Here is a blood pressure
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but also with the circulation and perhaps with the aeration of the
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first year of the Crimean War with the terrible set back from
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The treatment should consist in soothing antiseptic solutions or ointments
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appearance of single and double rows the latter of double rows
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the epiglottis and the vocal cords were covered with bright red blood.
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these conditions it may vary from 700 to 800 parts in 1000
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Another condition found most commonly in the left middle and
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I have found it unnecessary to use the centrifuge in the examina
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piratory valve superiorly and inferiorly giving attachment to the gas
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gently for ten minutes or thereabouts and then more vigorously for
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Museum 1862 1917 prepared from the official records by Dr.
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problem. It will be the purpose of this paper to touch briefly on
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manner or ramble unconsciously about the box striking its head
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liquid chlorides are very valuable are rapid in action and are efficient in
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at Bethune in 11 17. AA e found a remarkable discrepancy between
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acute by the addition of any trivial cause of disease.
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that the bucket can be placed inside the hopper before being tipped
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Thus far the distinguishing feature which we have always observed
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The requirements as to the eligibility of these civilian doctors for com
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stenosis in which there was a loud murmur two years ago. The patient
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I feel justified therefore in advocating this procedure in all
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thick septa infiltrated with a considerable quantity of yellow
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This work has been prepared in order that the psychiatrists and neurolo
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tlu ough the intricacies of the pulmonary system or when the
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Museum was first started in the rooms on the first and later
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during the first six months of pregnancy the average being 2 3
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cattle this duty devolved upon me. The following is a
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tlic flcigcllum so that one might be easily led to overlook the
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there w as drooping of the lips semi closure of the eyelids
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inoculation of Tuherculosis avium are widely different namely
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a bustling young woman who in most cases envied him his wounds and
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sodium bicarbonate and sodium chlorate. Belladonna in five minim doses
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his case of diabetes insipidus and it would certainly be necessary to
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suspension splint is much less being from 3 to 10 pounds. There is
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The action of certain alkaloids upon the peripheral circulation needs
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were covered with very dark grey or blackish spots of a dull
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physiology which I am confident will outlive narrow and confined
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The appearance of the Blood and Tissues. Animals that were
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eases known as the myelitides. The author traces these various attempts
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pathological process and 2 the treatment of the deformity that is its
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When glanders appears in a stable of horses in addition to the
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condition and appearance may be being used as human food
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occurred great congestion of the vessels and the red points
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the author of the many symptoms encountered in the disease under
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rises with great difficulty and eventually becomes paralyzed and
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quoted above our social ethical religious patriotic and other emo
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this occurs the mineral acids particularly the nitro muriatic
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It was held that the cause of the fatal purulent leptomeningitis was the
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pick up broken and small turnips but were only there about
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similar to that instituted with the venereal battalions. The venereal
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an apparent arrest in two cases and a disappearance of such constitutional
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to ITS under two heads namely the intrinsic or endopathic and
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a delicate nucleus could be made out. Ultimately the larger forms of
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The parasites thus conveyed are found in certain proportions

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