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fore impossible for any one to state that they were identical
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themselves with their games and contests is an additional reason why
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mysterious and unaccountable. We must however accept them
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is slow 3. The ferment is precipitated along with gelatinous
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pered bottles and allowed to coagulate. The clear serum was then
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the disease advances feeble short and single the animal being
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the same results are not seen for when they are divided in
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the lateral pulsation described by Cardarelli could not be seen. Although
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danger arising from the hands of milkers having even slight lesions since
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stupor coma immobility or paralysis depend upou the seat of
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be comprehended by the laity. There are also sets of instructions for
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of caseation and is chiefly found to take place in masses of
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Dr. McDonald has prepared for the use of senior nurses a useful addition
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personnel before the handling of food. In permanent camps kitchens must
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characteristics of the tumor were such to judge from the description
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in one district of Pomerauia 14 000 and 13 000 died in one
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of three parallel lines whose ends are joined giving a figure whose
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broken wind it is spasmodically contracted in the later stages
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iogitis will act as thoroughly as opening the abdominal cavity in tuber
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once and thus will eradicate ascending degeneration.
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mentary evidence incapable of error. The doctor who mistakenly accuses a patient
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with a vegetable bitter ginger or gentian. After the laxative
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the puncture midway between the last rib and the spine of the
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as compared with the glands in a healthy ox may be due in
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case is especially notable for the entire cure of fat necrosis by operation.
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resting for a while but when they are brought into condition
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metatarso phalangeal joints. As a result walking permits active
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Total number of farms sheds or other places in which the
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The term proximate is used to represent the pathological con
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museum and histological material reference may be made to the
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At times increase of glycosuria coincides with rapid increase of weight
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detailed in the capacity of full time health officer for city and
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perhaps England s rarest relic. Because I wished to see these hos
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dition is excellent. During the five months his work has been that of
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Further observations and experiments are necessary to confirm
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ing the last four years after wounds due to large shell fragments
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leads in many instances to softening of the cord in which
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consistent manifestations of individual cases will not confuse but will
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greatest caucer rate namely 6.40 times that of the native born. The
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Etiology. The large number of women in our series who have
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together big stocks of stuff of infinite variety into warehouses in
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of the abundance of skin on the scrotum only sparsely covered
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other diseases. Valuable though microscopical examination is in enabling
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tions should be made reportable and quarantinable means of diag
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trary the forcible introduction of drugs or even of gruels and
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M.D. Professor of Diseases of Children in the Philadelphia Polyclinic
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ducts of such metamorphosis within the animal body. In man
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fibrous tissue is credited with j rotecting the body against local
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meningococcus and may terminate in death in a profound state of atrophy
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grammes to each hectare according to Burrell and which is depo
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before stated the disease was not found unless portions of the
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tance of five miles and was seized on the road. The second
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to predict that in the near future because of the establishment of the
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portant modifications in the returns from medical officers in order
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The following figures give a resume of six months ending Sep
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diplococcus intracellularis meningococcus but in rarer cases have been
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they have adopted has been that of segregating the diseased ones
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Sometimes the annual statistics show a predominance of
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of population 65 per cent. took place from 1880 to 1899. A similar
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mustard to the loins and when the brain symptoms set in a
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What about it Just this. In a recent editorial under the
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are discernible. Vesicles of about the size of a pea are present
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When an army is taken out of the line divisions are usually
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anaemic blood are briefly as follows 1. The red corpuscles
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Digestive System. Mucous membrane of stomach sometimes
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sixty cases pushed to its physiological effect but no beneficial effects had
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obliged to remove the entire uterus. Krull s four cases recovered.
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was intermitting is now a permanent infirmity. This intermis
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and is now strongly opposed to any but inoculation theory.
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portion of the lungs. One symptom is very diagnostic of this
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and 5 remained in the same condition. The cases tabulated were first seen

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