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nature that the chance of their doing such mischief should

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bitten about the head had succumbed to the disease.

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perienced in its task and occasionally falters. In fact death may

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drachm of sulphate of magnesia half an hour before breakfast. It has

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tent or barrack the patient s neighborhood is almost surely in

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delicate globules and by mixing these cultures with food he has

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expanded and dilated in hydrothorax of one side if of long

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flatus by the anus. If caused by imperfectly masticated food

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location. The spot map can nevertheless be made of value by the following

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been better to have classified th e various measures with reference to their

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ber Jr. could proclaim himself a lawyer he should become a specialist

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of the disease. The discharge from the nose of a glandered

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Care must be taken that actinomycosis which is not a rare

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nipple. The flap of skin removed is included between two curved

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Poultry died in great numbers of an epizootic with defluxion

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seen. The evidence for the theory is based as you probably know

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vations and if the two observations correspond to remain

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often uncertain. In some instances the earliest symptom may

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company of English soldiers. The service of our surgeons was

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The second group or that in which special organs are diseased

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the regimental commander requesting That the men enumerated

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It is impossible in the present state of knowledge to establish precisely

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nature which is very typical of the disease. The resj iratory

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Since the period of this statement our attention has been principally

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does not kill it and a three per cent carbolic solution has no


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Another not infrequent result of undrained sacculation is perforation

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dislocated. Stengel and Beyea report a case of apparently congenital

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The digestive powers are feeble and imperfect and colicky

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tional though obviously it must occasionally occur that direct

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certain length of time deprived of their active motility. In repeating

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surfaces at this stage. At this stage and later I use weak alcohol

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of our synthetized organic drugs and the development of nervous

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monly be able fully to accomplish our object. Six twelve or

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the lung so that expansion will not take place by insufflation coughing

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number entered the Army already infected and that in approxi

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Bacillus typhosus will be found described and illustrated in a

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The mother reported to me that she had sought surgical advice and

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facilities to advise the responsible divisional officers and to place at their

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already explained to degeneration of the bronchial tissues. It

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first to suffer from influenza. In them it commits its greatest

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stration like the former ones was entirely satisfactory and showed

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artery and right side of the heart with the cavas immensely

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short angry beat and the heart s action is often irregular some

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hard reading then much more serious work than appears on the surface

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stitution of plants and animals is nearly identical and hence

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in the latter the respiratory cases may transmit to the latter strep

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With regard to the barrack the measures that will reduce the dis

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The symptoms of broken wind may be palliated by all methods

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states and I agree with him has given rise to the erroneous

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take on a much broader character than at present. There has

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diarrhoea pericarditis endocarditis pleurisy amp c. See Septic

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eases but particularly so in the pneumonia of adults when we know

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