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cases are more speedily diagnosed organic contractures will quickly
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ox much more actively participates in the process of digestion
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ruled with three parallel lines the length of the paper. On them are
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ing suppuration. So soon as pus forms it should be allowed to escape
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congeuitally in two or three pieces. When this diagnostic aid is
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its complications and syphilis are abundant and far superior to
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disease and glanders. The most striking deviation was the
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were in a mass in the inert and paralyzed rumen having a
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absorbed tainting the blood mass or give rise to the formation
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affected by the congestion is that of the bronchi the phenomena
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Director the National Committee for Mental Hygiene. War Work Com
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general are available. Extensive data on the incidence of hookworm
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necessary it cannot be said that they are always effective in
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competition the best solution of an important problem. Those who are
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weakness in the hind quarters and sometimes very great lame
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evacuated and become again mobile. Small mobile units are therefore very
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ternal portion of the cervix was not brought together lest undue contraction
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down leaves a withered stubble often two or three feet lono
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certification of deaths more accurate diagnosis etc. still there seems to
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one side only may be swollen thus giving the organ a deformed
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the pyramid of the petrous bone. One learns from this case that presented
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required a mastoid operation. Furthermore if a faithful trial of formalin
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the tick infested skin if one dressing be not sufficient a second
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of the pancreas. Fourth imperfect absorption of the fat and coinci
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which separate it from all other diseases and prove it to be an
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either assimilate utilise or excrete the highly nutritious matters
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excessive serous effusion and in the last by the altered and
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treatment of the insane. There are unquestionably many cures directly
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The thanks of the Author are specially due to his colleague
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inflamed on its adherent surface the areolar tissue uniting it
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as well as group 18 to follow show tlie necessity of three successive
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mediate surgical attack by the attending physician we regard the
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the blister treatment causes a speedy diminution in the frequency
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Tubercular Tumors of the Skull and Both Tympanic Membranes. H.
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first resulted. Major Wilde abolished this and started what he calls the
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a much longer time the globules falling to the lower parts
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stances of abnormal mentalization rather than the mental symptoms
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of transmission by direct contact to many other animals and
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small and one the caput coli. The fistula may develop soon after operation
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replaced by punishment. This state of affairs cannot be laid at the
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melting pot into which we could have been thrown. When has there
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being particularly prone to participate the mouth becomes sore
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obstruct the whole venous channel as far as the next large
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water are to be administered and in rare instances where the
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On October 14th it had reached Buffalo 17th Eochester 22d
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showed a negative nitrogen balance. It is wholly probable then that
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appearing in lumps or masses large hot painful and numerous.
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many animals destroyed by the administration of repeated doses
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containing an excess of water and diminished proportions of flesh
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tion of nerves which could possibly affect the nervous system. At
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severe irritants induce the formation of false membrane on
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seems to have lost its pliability and softness is a symptom of a
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junctivae red and highly injected with abundant flow of tears.
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scale laid down by Professor Dick is too limited that it is

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