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this he used croton oil antimonial ointment fly Hlisters and tincture
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ticularly upon the inner aspect of the thighs actual elevations
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disappeared one two or three days having elapsed since the ingestion of
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fluid. This condition as well as the collapse is limited in the
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without contracting malaria. The practical treasure of a very valuable
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which shortly followed upon the one just described we met with bet
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applied the actual cautery to the lumbar region. The touch of
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action of medicinal agents as by food. The stomach may be
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of the tumor. In the first patient pronounced albuminuria with degeneration
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The progress and treatment of this case is not recorded. Osier
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judicious balancing of the data entering into the previous history of the
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cause has been discovered by the history of the occurrence or
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would have been entirely millennial had there been no asperities under
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Blisters. For many years I have held that the application of
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A most interesting fact in this connection is that these carriers
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the diagnostic symptoms of the malady namely the tonic spasm
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tion of sodium iodide was instituted but with no effect on the splenic
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tion of bathing and delousing is a quartermaster problem and prob
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matter found in its solutions 4. It is most probably not used
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auto intoxication from various sources and from micro organisms intro
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femur. Simple continuous extension as obtained by oblique sus
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mortem revealed the liver much enlarged weighing over twenty
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obtained the organism during the life of the patient and after death
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symptoms diagnostic of this lesion except those of abdominal
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make much of a showing with respect to calories furnished but are
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deity of Babylonian extraction and that this proto Hermes was invari
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