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the areolar tissue of the extremities flapping of the nostrils

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animals appear to make flesh much faster after than prior to an

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doubtful utility. Again the anaemic condition which can be

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In these cases constipation is best relieved and the congested pelvic

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operations has been extended as operative results have become more

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only intensely red and covered with adhesive mucus but is

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pancreatic duct was obstructed or not though it probably was.

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navies has been accomplished chiefly by utilizing ships specially

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such operation. I will venture the assertion that the majority of cases

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present series no deaths are recognized from that cause.

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parasite and the curling of the flagellum in the stained pre

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mucous membranes is attended with changes in their epi

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the coats of the rumen have lost their muscular tonicity and

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belief that treatment of their condition is useless. This class of cases

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cause of the submarine toll and everybody felt so much easier when

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