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bronchial tubes were filled with ingesta ejected into the fauces

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in which however the spores were not developed he found the

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Newcastle 12 or 15 near Sheffield reported by Mr. Alson

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diseased or normal conditions. It must be accepted as probable how

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industry Otis 1881 and Woodward 1884 the succeeding editors

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thick layer of imp6rfectly coagulated blood i and again cinna

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ephithelial transformations the blood stasis the pulmonary

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one to two drachms for two or three days or until diuresis is

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terial products from any tissue or a mucous membrane whether

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Numerical atrophy resembles gangrene in some respects for

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showing the relation existing between ward beds heada of patients radiators and

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At a later stage the contents of the obstructed bronchi are

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tinuous circulation of units takes place a shifting of troops to and

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Another theory which has had a good deal of attention paid

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tional smaller baths for outlying groups of men who cannot reach

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this thought at General Headquarters. In fact General Pershing

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pulse was the same as before the operation and the general condition

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the calf the tick was ready to moult again and became sexually

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contagion usually passes before it is restored to health.

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and from experimental animals the organisms which have been

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size of the uterus too is not due simply to its natural contractions

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and supra condyloid fractures of the femur in which there are three fragments

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Puerperal Inguinal Parametritis. A very interesting clinical lecture on

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sensitive to the touch notably at the sides and abdominal

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demonstrated that there are peculiarities during certain periods of

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Journal and other periodicals concludes that the disease origi

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tent hospitals with light equipment and their own transportation. As stated

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military hospitals of the United States Government may have at hand the

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mand settles down to a more or less regular routine of reciprocal

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afforded does not depend so much upon the quantity withdrawn

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ance of the elements of the tissue proper softening of the inter

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aneurism morbid conditions attributed to the weight of the accoutrements

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from ansemia with anasarca and even dropsy of the serous cavities

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had entered Anti tetanic serum morphine if given X ray diag

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general medical ward on May 23 and finally to the convalescent ward

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of the minutest quantity being sufficient to lead to a fatal result.

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second by direct toxic action and third perhaps through the action of

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bleeding is followed by a diminished acceleration of the pulse

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vasation has occurred. Although much heavier and more

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ination of the exudation obtained during life by spinal puncture. If tubercle

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from those of the same organ in health becoming excessively

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spots are independent of tumours and extravasations and som.e

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Physician to the Medico Chirurgical Hospital. Fifth edition. Thor

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possible he was kept until found free of Gram negative diplococci

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with these aids we may hope to continue in our expansion. We are

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there should be not more than one inch of clearance between the

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tioners. The solution I use is made as follows Iodine 4

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