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and thereafter everybody was happy. Two men started out with a
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terminate in from six to fortv eight hours after the manifestation
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the sinuses tlie sound is completely deadened the boue is
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conditions. He permitted the. dried l lood to assume the form
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noted the site of pneumonia and have found that the inflamma
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cuff though superficial will if maintained cause discomfort con
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proportions in consequence of the great and useless slaughter
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influenza tonsillitis and bronchitis were all lower in the National
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branch of the service when we consider that they in addition to
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further tested and that the Government should encourage all
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a heavy layer where the larvae fleeing as they do from the source
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sometimes inclined to believe that because he is on more or less
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The instrument should be made of tough steel handle and shank
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with secondary bulb like that of Paquelin s cautery. An ether bottle
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than one communicable disease. On many ships the staterooms of
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fluid poured off the sediment resuspended and again centrifuged
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neglected and allowed to become heated and mouldy. When
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The following table shows for the several authorized grades the number

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